Santa Barbara’s Pioneering Role in the Evolving Big Data Landscape

In the realm of big data, Santa Barbara, California is home to some of the thriving tech companies. These firms not only help businesses make more informed decisions and generate insights but also drive economic growth, foster innovation, and create new job opportunities. The advent of big data has set off a resurgence of data-driven innovation across prime industries, providing immense opportunities to businesses. Let’s delve into some of these companies based in Santa Barbara that are making significant strides in big data.

These companies cover a broad spectrum of industries, from cybersecurity to construction finance, from data visualization to IoT data management. Each of them plays a significant role in addressing complex business challenges, making sense of big data, and extracting valuable insights. The varied applications of big data are a testament to its expansive potential and its capability to transform diverse sectors.

The following Santa Barbara-based companies are at the forefront of the big data landscape, harnessing the power of information to drive growth, productivity, and innovation. They are powering new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in their respective fields. We shall explore the vital role each of these companies play in the big data industry and their unique contributions in their domains.


Focused on Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Big Data, MixMode was founded by Igor Mezic and John Keister. The firm is a pioneer in providing a self-learning cybersecurity platform specifically designed to protect organizations with big data environments from various threats. Their groundbreaking Third Wave AI is utilized in closing gaps in visibility and detection across different data streams.


Founded by Bassem Hamdy and Ron Goldshmidt, Briq is transforming construction workflows with its automation technology. Specializing in big data, FinTech, and infrastructure, Briq provides an automated system that not only takes care of data entry but also converts the data into actionable insights, helping to predict business outcomes. The company’s products are designed specifically to tackle the financial stack of construction.

HG Insights

Founded by Craig Harris, HG Insights is a big data company that uses advanced data science to offer B2B businesses a novel way to analyze markets and identify prospects. It provides technographic data by indexing billions of unstructured documents daily, producing a detailed census of the technologies companies use to run their business. This allows businesses to out-market, out-sell, and outgrow competition.

Live Data Technologies

Established in 2019, Live Data Technologies is a provider of real-time B2B contact data, sourced from a continuous data stream on the open web. Founded by J. Scott Hamilton and Jason Spievak, the company, through this data provides the businesses with insights that they need to thrive in the modern world.


Graphiq, co-founded by Brayton Johnson, Kevin O’Connor, and Scott Leonard, is a data aggregation and visualization company that turns complicated data into contextual presentations. With a consumer-focused approach, Graphiq operates a number of trusted vertical search engines, enabling consumers to grasp complex data in a simpler manner. For publishers, the company offers solutions to enhance audience engagement.

Riptide IO

Riptide IO was founded by Dave Leimbrock, Marti Ogram, and Mike Franco. Riptide IO assists large enterprises in transitioning towards an internet-based, data-driven world of integrated device management. It offers data integration, management, and analysis solutions for the ‘Things’ in the IoT. Based in Santa Barbara, California, they are committed to solving complex issues around connecting and managing devices.

Polis Assist

Co-founded by Dennis Baker and Payin Attafuah, Polis Assist paves the way for innovative parking solutions through their mobile app. It provides comprehensive street parking information and deciphers complicated signage and regulations, thus aiding the driver in finding the right parking spot. One of its unique features is the option to check-in and check-out, thereby avoiding unnecessary parking tickets.

eMetrics Summit

Focusing on big data and marketing, eMetrics Summit was founded by Jim Sterne. Although the company doesn’t offer much information, it has a vast social reach and a demonstrated history of working in the big data industry.

Written by Data Magazine

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