Exploring Burlingame’s Pioneers in the Big Data Industry Landscape

In this series, we spotlight shining examples of data-heavy companies in Burlingame, California that are making their mark in the industry. These organizations, with diverse applications for Big Data, showcase the breadth and depth of the industry in this location. From Bioinformatics to Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce, and beyond, these companies highlight the role of data in propelling innovation and driving growth. Let’s take a closer look at these Burlingame-based organizations playing an active part in the Big Data industry.


Inflammatix, a company in the Big Data, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Health Care, and Health Diagnostics industry, was cofounded by Jonathan Romanowsky, Purvesh Khatri, and Tim Sweeney. The company develops novel molecular diagnostics for acute infections and sepsis by ‘reading’ the immune system, providing major clinical and public health solutions. Initially focused on developing tests for acute bacterial and viral infections, and sepsis, they are using patent-pending biomarkers exclusively licensed from Stanford University. More about Inflammatix can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Cofounded by Chen Wang and Heidi Yu, Boostinsider is an influencer marketing intelligence platform providing data-driven solutions of over 350K of the most engaged influencers on social media. The company’s in-depth analysis and platform services include SocialBook, a search engine for marketers to identify right influencer for their brands and Social Adwords, a platform leveraging influencers on link-friendly platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.


Imply, a company operating in the Analytics, Big Data, Data Visualization, Enterprise Software, and Information Technology sectors, was founded by Fangjin Yang, Gian Merlino, and Vadim Ogievetsky. The multi-cloud data platform designed by Imply delivers real-time ingestion and visualizations for event-driven and streaming data flows. It’s worth mentioning their product, Apache Druid, a database enabling next-generation real-time analytics solutions. Discover more about Imply on their LinkedIn page.


TellApart, co-founded by Josh McFarland and Mark Ayzenshtat, is a leading data-driven company. Their integrated suite of marketing solutions assists marketers in delivering personalised messages in real-time across display ads, Facebook, and email. While predominantly working with top retail brands, the company also focuses on analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, E-commerce, Machine Learning, and SaaS. Learn more about TellApart on their LinkedIn page.


Makers of software that analyzes numerous patient care data points, Cohere-Med was founded by Ajit Thomas, Renjith Nair, and Srikanth Muthya. The company’s data analysis solutions assist clinicians early enough to reduce mortality/morbidity in patients. You can keep up with Cohere-Med on their Facebook page.

Aspec Scire

Aspec Scire, co-founded by Kiran Shastri, Krishna Sudarshan, and Steven Scopellite, is another Burlingame-based company innovating in the AgTech, Analytics, Big Data, Computer, Construction, and Drones industries.


Specialising in on-demand staffing, SaaS, big data, business intelligence, and more, OpusPrim is a key player in the Big Data, Internet of Things, SaaS, and Staffing Agency industries. Further information about OpusPrim can be found on their LinkedIn page.

The MDM Institute

The MDM Institute, founded by Aaron Zornes, is a consulting firm specialising in Big Data and Information Technology. The depth of their experience can be seen on founder Aaron Zornes’ LinkedIn profile.

In conclusion, these organizations represent a small but significant part of the vibrant and dynamic Big Data landscape in Burlingame, California. Through their diverse and innovative applications of data, they are not only shaping their respective industries but are also contributing to the overall growth of the Big Data industry.

Written by Data Magazine

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