Tempe, Arizona: Leading Hub for Influential Big Data Companies

Welcome to the latest instalment of our series featuring leading companies in the Big Data industry based in Tempe, Arizona. We’re zeroing in on this vibrant centre of technological innovation, with a cosmopolitan culture that nurtures these growing businesses. Each company we’re spotlighting today exemplifies the application of big data across a wide range of industries, from education, to HR, to real estate and beyond. Let’s delve deeper into each one, examining their unique business models and the value they bring to their respective fields.

These firms embody Arizona’s unique blend of entrepreneurial eagerness and technological expertise. Tempe is more than just beautiful weather and breathtaking landscapes; it’s a vibrant technological hub that continues to impress with the calibre of the companies it fosters. Join us as we journey through Big Data’s Tempe trailblazers.

In this article, we explore seven companies making significant strides in their industries with the help of big data. Each one showcases the transformative power of data when harnessed effectively, providing valuable insights and deceptively simple solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. Read on to learn more about these dynamic companies.


Founded by Michael Houston, ElevateU uses the power of big data in the education sector, aiming to replace traditional textbooks with engaging, data-informed, flexible content. This approach empowers educators to elevate their instruction, breaking the mold of rigid and often outdated instructional methods. ElevateU on Facebook / ElevateU on LinkedIn


IPRO offers a solution to demographic targeting, providing websites of all sizes with extensive audience demographic data. Their SPOTSITE marketplace enables advertisers to locate their target audiences across a myriad of websites. IPRO on Facebook / IPRO on LinkedIn


Specialising in property management and real estate, ARMLS uses big data to streamline and improve efficiency in the real estate market. ARMLS on Facebook / ARMLS on LinkedIn

Inflection HR

Providing an innovative solution to HR management, Inflection HR views HR through the lens of Human Capital Management, using big data to visualise workforce, costs and to track their impact on organisational performance. Inflection HR on Facebook / Inflection HR on LinkedIn

TIS Consulting Group

Founded by Octavio Sanchez, Paul Griffin, and Rene Villalobos, TIS Consulting Group applies data-driven approach to problem-solving. Their solutions include producing research studies, crafting software, and providing fact-based decision-making support. TIS Consulting Group on Facebook / TIS Consulting Group on LinkedIn

Cyber-Socio Intelligent Systems (CySIS) Lab

Part of the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering (CIDSE) in Arizona State University’s Fulton Schools of Engineering, CySIS Lab uses big data to address challenges in cybersecurity, social network mining and artificial intelligence. ASU on Facebook

We’ve just scratched the surface of the dynamic scene of big data companies in Tempe. These companies represent a cross-section of sectors, each using big data to redefine and shape the future of their industries. We look forward to bringing you even more exciting features from this thriving tech hub.

Written by Data Magazine

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