Exploring Big Data Innovators Headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania

The Big Data industry is continuously growing and transforming companies across various sectors. At the epicenter of this digital revolution is Wayne, Pennsylvania, United States, where a number of companies operating in the Big Data industry have their headquarters. From analytics to healthcare to IT consulting, these companies are leveraging big data to drive innovation and deliver exceptional services. This article highlights some of these companies.

The following companies have distinguished themselves through innovative services, state-of-the-art technology, and an unwavering commitment to their clients. Armed with a rich wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective industries, these companies continue to shape the future of data-driven technologies. Meet the leading Big Data companies headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

These companies demonstrate the diverse applications of Big Data across various sectors—from healthcare to insurance to information technology and management consulting. Each company has a unique approach and specific expertise, reflecting the versatility and vast potential of Big Data.


Founded by Aziz Virani, Excellarate specializes in digital transformation and offers technology solutions for the healthcare, insurance, and financial sectors. Excellarate’s areas of work also include Big Data, domain registration, healthcare, information technology, management consulting, professional services, and UX design. Follow Excellarate on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Prime Technology Group

Prime Technology Group, LLC, offers cutting-edge solutions for clients in the Big Data, information technology, insurance, and software industries. Founder Sudhakar Goverdhanam and his team provide clients with technology solutions that outlast today’s trends. You can find Prime Technology Group on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Bracketr, founded by Jules Petrarca, improves sales and brand awareness for clients by using predictive consumer insights. The company operates in the advertising, analytics, big data, brand marketing, marketing, and software sectors.


TechD is an industry leader in analytics, big data, and consulting. They can be seen on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Mside Solutions

Founded by Desislava Prodanova, MSIDE Solutions offers analytics and AI platforms for value-based performance and reimbursement optimization. They work in the analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, healthcare, and information technology fields. Follow MSIDE Solutions on LinkedIn.

Hitch Recruiting

Specializing in big data, recruiting, and staffing, Hitch Recruiting provides top-notch services for companies in need of talent recruitment. Keep up to date with Hitch Recruiting on LinkedIn.

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