Big Data Leaders: High-Impact Firms Headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia

Big Data is leading the technological revolution across industries world over. The thriving tech industry of Selangor in Malaysia is no exception. An array of exceptional companies operating in the Big Data industry are making crucial contributions in diverse sectors, right from automotive to network security. They are leveraging Big Data to drive decisions, solve problems, and create value. In this article, we will be shedding light on a few of these highly innovative companies.

These companies are not only about crunching numbers but creating a significant impact. They are helping to shape the future of Big Data and setting new benchmarks in their respective industries. Each of these innovative companies brings a unique perspective to the Big Data landscape, redefining the way the data is used to drive growth, efficiency, and productivity.

Let’s take a closer look at these industry leaders and their contributions, focusing on their unique selling propositions and their influence on Malaysia’s and the world’s digital landscape.


Founded by Chris Cheang, Hendrik Tan, Jason Tan, and Jonathan Gan, ROGER innovatively integrates Big Data in the automotive industry to offer comprehensive roadside assistance and car care. The brand aims to enhance car ownership experience while nudging industry integration. Facebook, Linkedin


Established in 2009, MyServices provides a spectrum of software systems and services such as open-source systems and big data applications for social mobile networking, to name a few. Facebook, LinkedIn

Accord Innovations

Accord Innovations specializes in integrating Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data in creating innovative software solutions. Facebook, LinkedIn


Nexasoft leverages Big Data and other technologies for varied applications including Internet of Things, Mobile Apps, Network Security, and Web Development. Facebook, LinkedIn

DaGate Resources

Founded by Nader Alkeinay, DaGate Resources utilizes Big Data amongst other technologies for innovative solutions in IT Management, Marketing, Media and Entertainment, and more. Facebook, LinkedIn


Co-founded by Hajime Hirose, BuzzElement aims to redefine market research by integrating crowdsourcing and big data analytics to cater to the brands’ requirements. Facebook, LinkedIn

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