Exploring Big Data Companies Headquartered in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island

Wan Chai is an official powerhouse district of hard-charging, big-idea tech companies hustling on the front lines of innovation. It’s a moving, breathing nexus of Big Data businesses and the “Silicon Valley” of Hong Kong Island. From startups to corporations, companies are harnessing the power of big data to transform businesses, fuelling a pressing need for experts to interpret and use this data. In this article, we will showcase some of the leading Big Data companies based in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island.

These companies span various industry verticals, such as social media analytics, enterprise software, venture capital, artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, and more. They are not just changing the business landscape in Hong Kong, but also creating significant global impact. Let’s explore these significant contributors to the Big Data industry, their origins, their operations, and the innovative solutions they are offering to businesses worldwide.

Located in the epicentre of Hong Kong’s technology cluster, these organizations have direct access to a robust business environment, deep talent pool, and sophisticated infrastructure, which enables them to remain at the cutting edge of technological advancements. They also tend to leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning, driving further transformation and application across numerous sectors.

Lamplight Analytics

Founded by Fergus Clarke and Sam Olsen, Lamplight Analytics is a premier social data analytics company that specializes in analyzing online conversations from various media sources. They provide bright insights into audience behaviour and aid businesses in making smarter decisions. They are active on social platforms, reaching out through their Twitter handle @lamplightinfo and their Facebook page. Connect with them on LinkedIn too.

Wisers Information Limited

Wisers Information Limited, established in 1998 by Chao He, is a leading Chinese language market intelligence enterprise platform provider. The company offers comprehensive solutions for various industries with their wide range of services like market intelligence, media exposure monitoring, competitive analysis, risk management/alert, and market research. Join their network on Facebook and LinkedIn.

CIRTech Fund

Focusing on investing in technology leaders and innovators, CIRTech Fund is a venture capital company founded by Alex Lazovsky, Arkady Mil-Man, Wai Kit Lau, and Yurii Udaltsov. They operate in diverse technology fields like data centers, cloud infrastructure, big data, storage, and more. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Brimming with the power of Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI Technologies, Hummingbird is a data analytics platform that offers quick, insightful solutions for companies. They provide real-time insights for making informed business decisions. Follow them on Twitter @HummingbirdAna1, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


An award-winning maker of stylish Bluetooth LE-connected watches, CONNECTEDEVICE is a Hong Kong-based company founded by Henri-Nicolas OLIVIER. They are a blend of intelligence and fashion, creating functional, stylish wearables that connect to smartphones. Join their networks on Facebook and LinkedIn.

RXP Hong Kong

RXP Hong Kong is a creative technology company that eases access to services in the digital age. They offer flexible engagement options for their customers such as fixed-price projects, onsite specialists, and ongoing training. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

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