Exploring San Francisco’s Pioneering Leaders in Big Data Industry

The city of San Francisco has long been a significant player in technological innovation. From the dot com boom to today’s startups, San Francisco has been home to some of the most progressive thinkers and companies in the field. One such industry that has taken root in this fertile technological soil is Big Data. Many companies operating in the field have chosen San Francisco as their headquarters, a testament to the city’s dynamism. In this article, we will highlight some of these companies that have not only flourished, but also are making significant contributions to the big data industry.

These companies come from various sectors, like analytics, machine learning, cloud data services, software and others. The unifying factor is their use of big data technologies to improve decision-making, enhance productivity, identify trends, and create value for their customers. All of them, with their distinct approach to data and unique offerings, are adding new dimensions to the big data landscape. Let’s dive into some of these innovative companies from the heart of San Francisco.

These profiles aim to highlight the diversity of the field, the innovative approaches companies are taking, and the unique insights they offer in using data to solve problems, create efficiency, and make informed decisions. The city of San Francisco continues to be a hub of this leading-edge work in big data.


Crux, established in 2017, specializes in external data automation. They provide a state-of-the-art platform that bridges the data engineering gap and automates the development of data pipelines. Co-founded by financial tech veteran Philip Brittan, and backed by the likes of Citi, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Two Sigma, Crux solves intricate data integration problems using cutting-edge technology. Find out more about them on their official LinkedIn page.


Founded in 2011 by Adam Prout, Eric Frenkiel, and Nikita Shamgunov, SingleStore provides a database for operational analytics and cloud-native applications. The database platform can run on any cloud, combining semi-structured data into a consolidated big data platform. Check out SingleStore on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab empowers data science teams with its leading, open data science platform. Founded by Chris Yang, Matthew Granade, and Nick Elprin, Domino Data Lab is used by companies like Allstate and Dell Technologies. Their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles provide more details on their operations and achievements.


Co-founded by Joe Doliner and Joey Zwicker, Pachyderm offers a unique data science platform that facilitates explainable, repeatable, and scalable Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence. Browse their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for more information.

Hex Technologies

Hex Technologies is the platform for collaborative data science and analytics, and was co-founded by Barry McCardel, Caitlin Colgrove, and Glen Takahashi in 2019. Find more about Hex Technologies on their LinkedIn profile.

Redpanda Data

Offering a Kafka API compatible streaming platform, Redpanda Data was co-founded by Alexander Gallego in 2019. Their drop-in Kafka-API replacement allows inline Lambda transformations. Visit Redpanda Data’s LinkedIn profile for further details.

Mode Analytics

Established in 2013 by Derek Steer, Benn Stancil, and Josh Ferguson, Mode Analytics offers a collaborative analytics platform for making data-informed decisions. Discover more about Mode Analytics on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Co-founded by Bertrand Schmitt, Bjorn Stabell, and Ted Krantz, provides decision­-making platform for the mobile app economy. With global offices and backed by leading venture investors, has established itself as a global leader in its domain. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for more information.

Spectrum Labs

Co-founded by Jackson Moses, Josh Newman, and Justin Davis, Spectrum Labs is a technology company focusing on making the internet a safer place. Visit Spectrum Labs’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to learn more about their offerings.

Premise Data

Established by David Soloff and Joseph Reisinger, Premise Data is a data and analytics platform that leverages data science and machine learning to provide actionable intelligence. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for detailed insights.


Zendrive, co-founded by Jonathan Matus and Pankaj Risbood, is creating a new framework for addressing safety in the era of transportation innovation and mobile ubiquity. Through data and analytics, Zendrive is tackling engagement and safety challenges head-on. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to learn more about their exciting initiatives.

Written by Data Magazine

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