Exploring Darmstadt’s Pioneers in the German Big Data Industry

Located in western Germany, the charming city of Darmstadt is a thriving technological and scientific hub, often referred to as the “City of Science.” The city’s rich history of ground-breaking advancements in scientific and technical sectors has made it attractive for trailblazing businesses in the Big Data industry. This article highlights several innovative companies based in Darmstadt, which are leaving indelible marks on the industry.

These companies, encompassing industries ranging from big data and enterprise software to artificial intelligence, utilize big data in their operations to offer incredible services that cater to the specific needs of various industries. While some enterprises in our feature have global reach, others solely focus on improving the German and European market. It’s an invigorating mix of diversely sized businesses, all linked by their location and innovation in big data.

Delve into the fascinating details of their operations alongside the biographies of their founders. As you navigate through this article, look out for the underlying themes of innovation and technological advancement uniting all these companies.

Software AG

Founded by Peter Schnell, Software AG specializes in improving business process management, data management, and offers practical consulting services worldwide. Their services influence many sectors, including big data, enterprise software, and general software practices. The company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages offer more insight into their current projects and services.


COMPREDICT, the brainchild of founders Rafael Fietzek and Stéphane Foulard, utilizes artificial intelligence to provide unique insights on vehicle usage and behavior. From prototypes to fleet management, COMPREDICT helps optimize component design and maintenance to reduce weight, CO2 emissions, and overall environmental impact. Connect with them via their LinkedIn page.

Codetrails GmbH

Codetrails, led by founders Andreas Sewe and Marcel Bruch, focuses on using data analysis and machine learning to provide intelligent tools to software development organizations. Their services vastly improve knowledge transfer among developers.

AI Superior

AI Superior, an enterprise founded by Ivan Tankoyeu and Sergey Sukhanov, applies advanced analytics to unlock the potential of data. Harnessing AI, machine learning, and innovative algorithms, they transform businesses through actionable insights. Reach out to them through their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

Merck Accelerator

Karina Fassbender leads the Merck Accelerator, a platform that collaborates with startups to shape future innovations. They provide an excellent opportunity for networking and collaborating with global decision-makers in various sectors, including big data and biotechnology. Their Twitter feed offers updates on their current programs.

PROFI Engineering Systems

PROFI Engineering Systems, an IT solution house based in Darmstadt, focuses on optimizing IT processes and system landscapes. They offer a broad spectrum of services including managed services, business continuity, and cloud solutions. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

iPharro Media

At the forefront of digital asset management, iPharro Media analyzes and identifies video clips using state-of-the-art technology. Their innovative MediaSeeker technology allows customers to monitor multiple broadcast channels for desired content, revolutionizing the media industry.

intelligent views

Co-founded by Jörg Kleinz, Klaus Reichenberger, and Thomas Kamps, intelligent views is a leading provider of semantic technologies and applications. Their i-views Smart Data Engine helps clients to create clever data networks to enhance the value of their data. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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