Top 10 Chinese Bioinformatics Startups and Companies

Bioinformatics is one of the most actively developing interdisciplinary scientific fields in the world. It originated in the middle of the twentieth century, but until a certain time, it attracted little attention. With the development of technology at the beginning of this century, bioinformatics, like many other fields, such as entertainment, gambling, betting on sites like betting lines , and lotteries, has boomed and developed rapidly.

Today we are going to tell you about 10 Chinese bioinformatics companies that are already standing guard over our future.

Cansino Biologics Inc.

A Chinese biopharmaceutical company whose main task is to carry out various kinds of research, development, and production of vaccines. The company is the recognized developer of the COVID-19 Ad5-nCoV vaccine based on serotype 5 adenovirus vector. The company is known to have four integrated platform technologies, including adenovirus-based vectors, conjugation, protein design and recombination, and formulation. To date, the company has developed a strong portfolio of 16 vaccines against 13 diseases, including the Ebola vaccine approved in 2017 and a new coronavirus vaccine under review (adenovirus serotype 5 vectors).

Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co Ltd.

For a long time, Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co., Ltd. of China has been engaged in world-class research and development, production, and marketing of policies. The company’s main products are Hepatitis B virus vaccine, Haemophilus influenzae B vaccine, reduced measles-mumps vaccine, Baii Po cell anti-inflammatory drug that fights Haemophilus influenzae, and other products. The company operates primarily in the domestic market.

Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co Ltd.

Beijing Wantai, a Chinese company founded in 1991, is one of the largest manufacturers of anti-infective drugs. Their low-dose nonovax, founded in 2005, is designed to provide first-line treatment and low-cost, modern drugs to people who want to fight infectious diseases, including the first hepatitis E vaccine, Hecolin.

Walvax BioTech

Founded in 2001, Walvax Biotechnology Co. (Walvax) is a leading vaccine manufacturer dedicated to the research and development, production, and distribution of safe and effective quality protection vaccines. With its capital southwest of the Chinese city of Kunming in Yunnan province, Walvax went public in 2010 (300142. SZ) and began expanding its business from traditional vaccines to new vaccines.

Shanghai Blood Products RAAS

The Shanghai company “Blood Pole products” is engaged in the study, development, and production of blood medicines and plasma. It also provides vaccines, diagnostic reagents, equipment, and testing services. The company was founded on October 29, 1988, its headquarters is located in Shanghai, China.

Hualan Biological Engineering Inc.

Founded in 1992, Hualan Biological Engineering Inc. (Hualan Bio) – a modern biopharmaceutical company in China, which is engaged in research, development, production, and marketing of blood plasma drugs, antimicrobial drugs, antimicrobial drugs, synthetic proteins, and other biological products. Hualan Bio was the first company that received plasma products to certify GMP in China, the first recorded plasma product manufacturing company, the world’s first flu vaccine, the first producer of flu vaccine in China.

Bloomage Biotechnology Corp Ltd

Bloomage BioTechnology Corp Ltd manufactures and sells a wide range of chemical and chemical-based products, usually made with sodium hyaluronic acid or HA. The factory is divided into two parts according to the type of product. Part of the HA material, which generates most of its revenue, sells HA and HA products produced using biofermentation technology. The products of the HA material component are divided into three types of HA: medical, cosmetic, and dietary. Part of HA end products sells skincare products, intra-articular orthopedic orthopedic products, and medical cosmetic equipment. Most of the revenue comes from China.

Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co Ltd.

The new biopharmaceutical company, called Junshi Biosciences, is mainly focused on the discovery and development of cutting-edge drugs, clinical trials, and marketing around the world. Our job is to provide patients with better and less expensive medicines. Based on the technology of a basic engineering speaker, Junshi Biosciences is at the forefront of drug research and drug development.

Products of Chongqing Zhifei Bio

Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products Co Ltd is a biotechnology company. It is a Chinese company engaged in research and development, production, distribution, import, export, and sale of vaccines.

Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Corp Ltd

Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Corp. Ltd-China is a Chinese company engaged in research and development, production, marketing, and consultation services for blood products. The company’s blood products include Shanghai human blood album, Shanghai immunoglobulin injection system, Guizhou blood album, Rongsheng album, Guizhou static immunoglobulin blood system, Rongsheng tetanus human immunoglobulin, and more.

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