Swiss Giants: Exploring Geneva’s Leading Big Data Industry Enterprises

The City of Geneva, located in southwestern Switzerland, is known as a global hub for diplomacy and banking. Recently, it’s starting to make its name in the tech industry, particularly in Big Data, becoming a nucleus of companies that are leveraging technologies to extract value from massive amounts of data, transform industries, and influence decision making. As part of an article series, we explore and shine the spotlight on some of these Geneva-based tech companies that are making significant strides within the Big Data industry.

The companies decoded here provide services ranging from predictive data analytics, AI insights, knowledge management solutions to legal tech, customer satisfaction solutions, revenue growth consulting, cloud computing solutions, risk management softwares, and much more. They are playing an instrumental role in the way businesses operate, make decisions and shape their future roadmap.

Indeed, these companies promise to radically transform the status quo, leveraging the power of data and analytics, artificial intelligence algorithms, innovative technologies and blockchain solutions to address a diverse range of real-world problems, create business opportunities, realize efficiencies, cut costs and improve product and service offerings. Here are the narratives of these Geneva-based Big Data companies.

Token Flow Insights

Founded by Arran Kitson, Token Flow Insights is a cutting-edge company that specializes in contextualized blockchain data and analytics. The firm acutely understands the increasingly complex and interlinked nature of the blockchain ecosystem, and aims to decipher, categorize, and provide valuable context to interactions and transactions happening across public blockchains. To connect further-find them on Twitter-@insightsflow and Linkedin.

ZYTLYN Technologies

The brainchild of founder Houman Goudarzi, ZYTLYN is an AI company that is focused on bringing predictive insights to the travel industry companies. They aim to deliver quicker recovery, better adaptation and faster growth for their clients. Their services can be further explored on Linkedin and keeping up-to date with their latest releases on Twitter-@zytlyn.

Elqano – Where Knowledge Finds People

Elqano was born out of a simple conversation between two young professionals who aspired to reshape the future of knowledge management. They developed a holistic platform that facilitates retrieving the right information at the right time. Elqano is more than just a company, it is a solution to corporate knowledge retrieval problems. They share their latest updates on Facebook-link here and Linkedin.


Enloya, co-founded by Exe Zulliger, Gisela Pesarrodona, Holly Seager, Johanna Jacobsson, is a legal marketplace platform for startups. The platform uses machine learning technology to match specific legal solutions to lawyers with equivalent legal expertise. It’s your complete legal solution at a few clicks. You can follow them at @enloya or check out their Linkedin profile for more.

Written by Data Magazine

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