Spotlight: Pioneering Big Data Firms Headquartered in Bangalore, India

In the bustling hub of Bangalore, Karnataka, India, some of the world’s most exciting Big Data companies are planting their roots. With industries ranging from financial technology and healthcare to education and logistics, these companies are leveraging the transformative capabilities of big data to strategically address complex business challenges. This article provides a glimpse into the impressive array of innovative companies that make up Bangalore’s dynamic Big Data ecosystem.

These companies are altering the face of various industries with data-driven insights at the forefront of their strategy. Their innovative technologies and solutions are built around harnessing data to gain deep insights, make informed decisions, and unlock value. They are making waves in their respective arenas, offering solutions that enhance customer experiences, adopt robust risk management strategies, streamline logistics, and more.

In this article, we will explore each of these companies in depth, highlighting their innovative services, groundbreaking solutions, and the formidable teams behind their success. Join us on a journey into the heart of Bangalore’s Big Data industry.


Operating under the leadership of founders Ashish Anantharaman, Lizzie Chapman, and Priya Sharma, ZestMoney is reshaping the fintech landscape. The Bangalore-based company utilises AI and sophisticated technology to make digital EMI options accessible to all, regardless of credit history or card ownership. Their goal is to enable everyone to pay in EMI, not just those who hold a credit card or possess a significant credit score. Find them on twitter @zestmoney, on Facebook or on LinkedIn.


Smartcoin, founded by Amit Chandel, Jayant Upadhyay, and Rohit Garg, is a mobile-app based lending platform that uses machine learning algorithms and data science to evaluate individuals’ risk profiles in real time. They’ve developed an incredibly innovative underwriting engine that can compile and leverage thousands of data points to generate personalised loan products to potential borrowers. You can follow them @SmartCoinIndia on Twitter, Facebook or on LinkedIn.


SigTuple is on a mission to revolutionise the global medical diagnostic field through data-driven intelligence. The brainchild of Apurv Anand, Bharath Cheluvaraju, Rohit Kumar Pandey, and Tathagato Dastidar, this company uses artificial intelligence and big data to detect abnormalities and patterns in medical data, thus assisting in accurate and more efficient disease diagnosis. They can also be found on twitter @sigtuple, Facebook and LinkedIn., established in 2019 by Ankita Thakur and Tusheet Shrivastava, uses location as an indicator to anticipate customer behaviour. This machine learning-ready location data service creates a more personalised and contextual consumer experience, thus demonstrating the potential of location-based services and geospatial data. They can also be found on LinkedIn.


Edureka, founded by Abhishek Vinod Singh, Kapil Tyagi, Lovleen Bhatia, and Vineet Chaturvedi, offers live online training in a range of trending technologies. Providing comprehensive courses for Big Data & Analytics, Cloud Computing, Programming, and more, Edureka has become a game-changer in the realm of tech-focused education. Follow them @edurekaIN on Twitter, Facebook or on LinkedIn.


Founded by Rishabh Kaul and Sudheendra Chilappagari, Belong is a data-driven solution that uses advanced algorithms to discover top talent for companies. They are committed to transforming the recruitment process by using data to find candidates who are most suited for the specific requirements of a job role and are likely to accept an offer. They can also be found @belongco on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Atul Jalan, Manthan excels in the application of decision sciences and AI in the field of cloud analytics. Manthan’s cutting-edge solutions offer businesses insights to manage marketing, merchandising, and a host of other consumer-related business aspects. Join them on Twitter @WeAreManthan or find them on Facebook or LinkedIn. solves significant global supply chain issues with advanced optimization algorithms and intuitive workflow automation. Their platform, founded by Geet Garg and Nishith Rastogi, equips businesses with the tools necessary to maximise efficiency in last-mile logistics operations while enhancing customer satisfaction. They can be found @locus_sh on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Founded by Sachin Sinha, BangDB is a NoSql database that integrates AI and Stream to address modern and emerging data analytic needs. It uses various data models and indexes to provide powerful and efficient querying. You can follow them @iqlect on Twitter, Facebook or on LinkedIn.

Jigsaw Academy

Founded by Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti, Jigsaw Academy is a premier analytics training institute that offers comprehensive courses in Big Data, Cloud Computing, and more. They help individuals transform their careers and companies transform their strategies with data science. They can be found @jigsawacademy on Twitter, Facebook or on LinkedIn.


Fusing publicly available data from the web, Karthik Ramesh and Vikranth Ramanolla created DataWeave to provide businesses with actionable storytelling through data. From retail intelligence to brand analytics, this Bangalore-based company combines data curation with analysis to offer unique insights about the eCommerce and retail sectors. DataWeave is on Twitter @dataweavein, as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Data Magazine

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