Spotlight on Tel Aviv’s Prominent Innovators in Big Data Industry

From agriculture to retail, Tel Aviv, Israel is home to several cutting-edge companies leveraging big data and artificial intelligence to transform traditional industries. These innovative firms are redefining the way business is done, leveraging data-driven insights to create practical solutions that not only boost business productivity but also enhance customer experiences. Let’s take a look at some of the trailblazing companies in the Big Data industry, headquartered in Tel Aviv.

These companies span diverse sectors including agriculture, retail, digital transformation, data control, software, shipping, government, automotive, hospitality, and consumer research. They push the frontiers of their respective sectors through the innovative use of big data, displaying the endless possibilities of data-driven decision making in business. By understanding these companies and their operations, we can appreciate the transformative power of big data and AI in modern business.

Undoubtedly, these companies have set remarkable precedents in data utilization, demonstrating that data analysis can unlock efficiency, productivity, and innovation in business. As we explore these companies and their unique offerings, it becomes apparent that the future of business lies in data and those who can harness its potential will be the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Greeneye Technology

Founded by Alon Klein Orbak, Itzhak Khait, and Nadav Bocher,
Greeneye Technology specializes in AgTech, using AI and big data to revolutionize farm pest control processes. Their Selective Spraying system significantly reduces herbicide usage by precisely identifying and spraying weeds while preserving healthy plants. Watch their brilliant technology in action in their demo.


Syte is a product discovery platform founded by Helge Voss, Idan Pinto, Lihi Pinto Fryman, and Ofer Fryman. Through the use of AI, it aims to revolutionize online shopping experiences by improving site navigation and boosting user engagement with visually similar product suggestions.

BlackSwan Technologies

BlackSwan Technologies is a digital transformation firm founded by Michael Ouliel. Its AI-driven ELEMENT platform revolutionizes data acquisition and monetization, allowing businesses to gather new data types and make optimal, informed decisions.


Mine is a smart data assistant founded by Gal Golan, Gal Ringel, and Kobi Nissan. The platform lets users discover which companies hold their personal data online, helping them understand and manage their online presence for enhanced privacy and minimized potential risks., founded by Ofer Razon and Oren Razon, focuses on AI assurance. Its platform includes performance management, bias detection, explainability, and analytics capabilities enabling operational teams to maintain optimal health of their AI environments.


Pioneered by Ami Daniel and Matan Peled, Windward provides a predictive intelligence solution that fuses AI and big data for the global maritime industry. Their solution gives stakeholders, such as insurance companies and banks, a 360° view of the maritime ecosystem, allowing for informed business decisions.


Founded by Dan Brahmy, Ido Shraga, Sendi Frangi, and Yossef Daar, Cyabra combats information manipulation on social media platforms. By monitoring and analyzing billions of interactions in real-time, Cyabra identifies and counteracts the spread of disinformation and online toxicity while providing actionable insights for users.


NoTraffic, co-founded by Or Sela, Tal Kreisler, and Uriel Katz, digitalizes traffic systems through its IoT platform. The technology helps to streamline traffic, reduce emissions, and improve mobility services, marking a significant step towards smart cities.


Tastewise, co-founded by Alon Chen and Eyal Gaon, uses AI to predict how consumers cook, order, and eat, providing valuable insights to food and beverage brands to essential for creating consumer-centric products and marketing strategies.


Co-founded by Gideon Blocq, Nir Hauser, and Yoel Grinshpon, VineSight employs AI to identify suspicious share patterns across social media platforms. Its technology offers robust defense against potential reputational threats.


Konnecto offers the world’s first prescriptive marketing platform that helps consumer brands increase their online sales by reverse engineering their competitors’ purchasing journeys. This allows them to identify potential vulnerabilities and seize opportunities.

Written by Data Magazine

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