Spotlight: Boston’s Leading Enterprises Revolutionizing the Big Data Industry

The innovative city of Boston, Massachusetts is home to a thriving ecosystem of companies operating in the Big Data industry. This article highlights the versatility of Boston’s Big Data landscape by featuring some of the key players in the arena. The companies include a diverse range of firms specializing in areas such as analytics, cyber security, education, health care, and even retail technology. Unifying them all is a shared focus on leveraging data to drive actionable insights, predictive analytics, and, ultimately, more informed decision-making.

These companies stand as testament to Boston’s strength as a hub for technology and innovation, as well as its capacity to attract and foster companies at the cutting edge of the data analytics field. By taking a closer look at these companies – their foundations, their unique selling points, and their contributions to industry advancement – we can better understand the draw of Boston for Big Data enterprises and the significant influence these businesses wield in their respective sectors.

Below, we delve into the profiles of 11 Boston-based companies doing ground-breaking work in the Big Data industry. Each company offers a unique approach to using data to solve problems and create opportunities within their respective arenas of operation.


Founded by Anu Sudarsan, Dain Sundstrom, David Phillips, and Grzegorz Kokosiński, Starburst is a shining beacon in the realm of analytics, big data, information technology, and open source. They cater to data-driven organizations, providing a high-speed, efficacious analytics engine for various data infrastructure. Starburst’s approach to data management prevents vendor lock-in and aids teams in streamlining their analytics investments.
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FireCompass is an SaaS platform created by Bikash Barai, Nilanjan De, Priyanka Aash, and Ravi Mishra. Focusing on big data, cyber security, information technology, internet, and SaaS, it provides Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) and Attack Surface Management (ASM). The platform’s proactive security measures help organizations manage their digital attack surface and identify potential attack paths.
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Created by Asaf Yigal and Tomer Levy, resides in the realm of analytics, AI, big data, enterprise software, and SaaS. Their platform combines simplicity, scalability, and AI to offer a state-of-the-art machine data analytics platform. It is specially designed for monitoring modern applications.
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Panorama Education

Operational in analytics, big data, education, and SaaS, Panorama Education was conceived by Aaron Feuer, Alexander Tanner, and David Carel. Applying its powerful data analytics platform, Panorama helps schools and districts optimize their work environment.
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True Fit

Co-founded by Jessica Murphy, Romney Evans, and William R. Adler, True Fit is a trailblazer in big data, brand marketing, e-commerce, personalization, and retail technology. The company’s proprietary Genome platform is a discovery platform for footwear and apparel, providing personalized fit ratings and size recommendation to shoppers.
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Apptopia is a data analytics firm founded by Brian T. O’Neill, Eliran Sapir, and Jonathan Kay. It provides detailed engagement statistics for mobile apps, aiding organizations in understanding mobile industry trends.
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Founded by Jurgi Camblong, Lars Steinmetz, and Pierre Hutter, SOPHiA GENETICS is an AI-driven healthcare technology company. With its unique SOPHiA DDM™ Platform, it aids medical institutes with data-driven medicine.
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Founded by Rich Gliklich, OM1 (formerly Better Outcomes) focuses on providing real healthcare outcomes. They believe in creating a more comprehensive view of patient outcomes.
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Iron Mountain

Founded by Herman Knaust, Iron Mountain is a pioneer in information protection, storage and related services. It operates across multiple continents, serving organizations in various sectors.
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Treasury Intelligence Solutions

Co-founded by Erol Bozak, Joerg Wiemer, and Wolfgang Kalthoff, Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) provides solutions for transforming global cash flow and payment functions. Their cloud platform empowers CFOs, Treasurers and Finance teams to collaborate effectively.
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Abacus Insights

Founded by Minal Kumar Patel, Abacus Insights offers a high-performance data management solution for healthcare providers, culminating in actionable insights.
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These companies highlight the innovative spirit and variety of Big Data companies headquartered in Boston. As pioneering leaders in different facets of data analysis and management, their contributions are pivotal in shaping the future of the Big Data industry on a global scale.

Written by Data Magazine

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