Revolutionising Big Data: Pioneering Companies in Hod Hasharon, Israel

The bustling town of Hod Hasharon in HaMerkaz, Israel, stands as an emblem of the rapid advancements in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence worldwide. The town hosts a range of leading-edge companies that have pioneered remarkable innovations in these fields.

These companies, with their roots firmly embedded in the Israeli soil, are taking remarkable strides to advance the digital transformation across a broad spectrum of industries, from healthcare to energy, and from analytics to cloud computing. This article presents an insight into these companies, their vision, their achievements, and their contributions to the Big Data industry.

With a particular focus on Big Data industry, these businesses are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to generate unprecedented business insights, improve operational efficiency, revolutionize healthcare delivery, and much more.


NeuroBlade was founded in 2018 by industry veteran Elad Sity and Eliad Hillel. Its mission is to enable the next wave of digital transformation by developing a new standard for analytics acceleration for large data. NeuroBlade aims to substantially improve analytical query performance with its innovative system. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with operations also in Taipei, Taiwan, and Palo Alto, California.

Medial EarlySign

Medial EarlySign is a company that leverages AI to conceive clinical insights from basic medical data, such as blood test results. Its predictive engines, AlgoMarkers, are adept at predicting clinical outcomes relating to various diseases. The platform provides healthcare organizations with tools to predict and manage disease more efficiently.

ATLASense Biomed Ltd.

ATLASense Biomed Ltd. is a company that focuses on developing a multipurpose platform device, the PolyMonitor. This device marks a game changer for medical monitoring by bringing ICU-level health surveillance to home. With this device, healthcare providers can monitor and diagnose different diseases and provide better care while saving significant costs.

FSIGHT – Energy Flows

FSIGHT was founded by Amos Lasker and Eveline Steinberger-Kern, who saw the potential shifts in the energy market due to the growing share of distributed energy resources (DERs). Their solution, the AI-based distributed energy management platform ENERGY AI, takes advantage of market volatilities and optimizes DERs to its fullest potential.


AiQOO is an AI and Big-Data powered value maximization platform tailor-made for small and mid-size businesses. Their platform harnesses superior targeting technology, AI algorithms and an integrative user system to furnish SMBs with laser-focused leads, thus significantly enhancing lead-to-sale conversion rates.


Sparks-AB is a company that operates in the Big Data industry. More information about the company and its offerings can be found on their website.


Novarize has developed an AI-driven platform that delivers a ranked feed of potential opportunities unique to the user’s brand, market, and competitive landscape. They have developed an innovative audience platform that surpasses the data limitations imposed on brands.


Tracston LTD. is an international solutions provider of integrated IT, Cloud solutions, managed services led by Moshe Sharon. They provide expert consultation on various aspects of IT, Cloud solutions, managed services, software design and implementation.


mKnowledge, founded by Danny Kario and Nir Max Levy, offers innovative technology to manage knowledge. They provide a state-of-the-art technology to visualize, enrich, manage, and share all of your accumulated knowledge.

The city of Hod Hasharon can be regarded as the digital hub of Israel, given the vibrant big data and AI ecosystem that thrives within its boundaries. The companies mentioned herein are a testament to the city’s dynamism and pioneering spirit.

Written by Data Magazine

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