Pittsburgh’s Influential Big Data Companies: The Catalyzing Tech Titans

The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is home to a rising number of Big Data companies that are utilizing cutting-edge technology to disrupt and innovate in their respective industries. These companies range from those using artificially intelligent learning to healthcare monitoring, to the integration of complex data systems for businesses. They are making strides in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software, Natural Language Processing, and e-commerce among many others. These innovative companies springing up in Pittsburgh not only point towards the city’s pivotal role in the big data industry but also its future as a hub for tech firms.


A Leading Innovator in AI and Big Data

Established by Eric Xing, Ning Li, and Qirong Ho, Petuum is a sought-after solution in the big data and AI industry. Petuum’s development platform empowers businesses by making state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies easily accessible. Combining powerful technology with world-class talent and customer domain-specific knowledge, Petuum is successful in solving complex real-world challenges. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Koop Technologies

Reimagining Insurance Through Autonomous Technologies

Co-founded by Kamron Khodjaev and Sergey Litvinenko, Koop Technologies is a unique startup that meshes autonomous technology with the insurance industry to provide risk solutions. Their modular insurance platform uses data from autonomous vehicles to underwrite and manage claims. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


A Hub For Geospatial Analytics

Co-founded by Aaron Morris, Elmer Bol, Ryan Frenz, and Tom Kurke Allvision has bridged the gap between 3D data and its practical analysis. Its platform connects decision-makers with rich geospatial data in order to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Follow @allvision_io on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Revolutionizing Crop Management

Founded by Alec Assaad and Brendan Carroll, Skycision revolutionizes the agricultural industry with its innovative SaaS solution. By leveraging drone technology and machine learning, Skycision provides valuable insights for their farmers, helping them operate efficiently and cost-effectively. Follow them on @Skycision Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Advancing Healthcare Through Early Monitoring Systems

Founded by Sanna Gaspard, Rubitection has developed a low-cost, easy-to-use system for early skin health monitoring. Rubitection’s system allows anyone to monitor their skin health, paving the way for early detection and treatment of various skin conditions. Follow them on @rubitection? on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Tailored Fit

Pioneering Personalized Online Shopping

Founded by Leanna Verderese, Matthew Baker, Nathaniel Eliason, and Zack Bush, Tailored Fit constructs personalized online shopping experiences. Using consumer data and behavior, Tailored Fit is revolutionizing how consumers discover clothes from online and local retailers. Follow them on @tailoredfitco Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Cutting Edge AI Technology for Businesses

Co-founded by Eric Nyberg and Sanjay Chopra, Cognistx builds multistrategy AI systems that can both sense learn and act. Their system extracts valuable data insights to produce measurable impacts for their clients. Check out their updates on @cognistx Twitter, Facebook,

and LinkedIn.

BEA Sensors Americas

Bringing IoT to Life Across Industries

BEA Sensors Americas is at the forefront of developing IoT solutions. It specializes in creating sophisticated sensors that function in a wide range of applications, from big data and electronics, to manufacturing. BEA’s track record as the worldwide leader in activation and safety sensors for automatic doors speaks to its technical prowess. Follow BEA on @beasensors Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Breaking Down Language Barriers

Developed by Alex Waibel, Jibbigo is an app that translates speech into different languages in real-time, even without internet access. This revolutionary technology allows travelers to communicate easily in foreign countries, aids international business communications, and helps multilingual educational settings.

IDI Consulting

Solving Business Problems through IT Applications

IDI Consulting is an IT consulting firm that provides business solutions through the practical application of varied information technology services. Follow IDI Consulting on @IDIConsulting Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Confluence Analytics

Revolutionizing Fintech with ESG Data Analytics

Founded by Conor Platt, Confluence Analytics merges fundamental and quantitative techniques into software-driven, systematic processes. This provides predictive performance metrics and other insights, producing customizable investment strategies. Check out their LinkedIn page.

Pittsburgh’s big data landscape is experiencing rapid growth with the advent of these innovative companies. Leveraging advanced technologies, these firms are changing the game in their respective industries, creating a tech boom that places Pittsburgh at the center of big data advancements.

Written by Data Magazine

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