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How Important Is Social Media In 2023?

How Important Is Social Media In 2023?

No matter whether you’re running a B2B or a B2C company, over the last decade or so, one of the most important marketing channels has become social media.

On a platform like Facebook or Instagram, you are given the full reach of your customers, with the ability to not only market to those customers but actively engage them to forge an important relationship.

The best companies in the world, for instance, have utilised social media to form an online community where the brand itself communicates to the customers and creates an immersive, interactive experience.

This, in turn, forms a loyalty between the customer and the brand, helping to boost sales and capitalise on the budget being put into social media itself.

With this in mind, here are a few ways your own company should be utilising social media and why it is so important in 2023:

Increasing Brand Awareness

Half of the world’s population uses Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In this way, you can utilise these platforms to set up your stall in a massive digital marketplace.

We mentioned before that social media can be utilised to form a community, but it can also be utilised to find that community in the first place.

As many as 83% of Instagram users say they find new products on the platform, so it is entirely possible to market yourself and claim the majority of your customers from social media.

Engaging With Customers

If you are running a B2B company, specifically, then your main aim is to engage your existing customers, increase their purchases and establish brand loyalty.

While this is most effectively done through b2b loyalty programmes, social media plays a big part in driving engagement and taking away the wall between your customer and your company.

Attaining Data

There are many ways to track your metrics and data on social media, allowing you to know exactly how your brand is performing and where it might do better.

This is all important when it comes to innovation in the future. Social media allows you to know exactly what your clients – and prospective clients – are talking about and asking for.

You can then use this information to increase your website traffic, generate important leads and level up your company to boost sales.

The Power Of Influencers

Social media, of course, is for people who want to interact with each other in an online space. Many of these people are known as influencers – users who have a large following and are known to influence the people who are following them.

The role of the influencer in the modern world is becoming more important by the day. If you work out how to partner with them, you can draw more attention to your brand, spreading word of mouth and seeing new customers make purchases with just a ten-second video.

Humanise The Company

We mentioned before that social media is a great way to engage with customers and forge an online community.

The reason it does this is that it gives your company the ability to be transparent in an evermore opaque business world.

Customers like to know the mechanics behind a company. They want to know that they are not doing business with a brick wall, so social media can be utilised to knock down that wall and add a personable, human touch to the business itself.

Written by Marcus Richards

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