Exploring Tokyo’s Innovators Transforming Big Data Landscape in Japan

With Japan’s long-standing prominence in the global technology sector, Tokyo has
naturally grown into a hub for companies pushing boundaries in Big Data. From
traditional leaders such as NEC Corporation to innovative start-ups like
Moneytree, the Tokyo Big Data landscape is diverse and dynamic. This article
seeks to provide a snapshot of some of the leading lights in this industry.

Tokyo’s willingness to embrace new technologies as well as its culture of
robust entrepreneurship makes it fertile ground for Big Data endeavors. The
influence of Big Data is seen across sectors such as finance, retail,
healthcare, artificial intelligence and more.

Below, we delve into the stories behind these companies and provide an overview
of their contributions to Japan’s thriving Big Data ecosystem.

NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation, founded by Kunihiko Iwadare,
is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit
businesses and people around the world. Alongside its work in Big Data, NEC
is also active in Network Security, IT and Telecommunications. Connect with them
on Facebook,
Twitter, and


Co-founded by Jonathan Epstein, Mark Makdad, Paul Chapman, Ross Sharrott,
Moneytree is a fintech data platform,
with a mission to bring people and institutions closer together, help them find
balance, and discover new opportunities to grow personal wealth. Connect with
Moneytree on their Facebook,
Twitter and
LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Keisuke Tomimatsu, Okada Yosuke, Ozeki Masayuki, Takanori Ogata,
ABEJA is a platform that integrate
state-of-the-art AI technologies including IoT, big data and deep learning and
enables to carry out sophisticated analyses with accumulated data. Connect with
ABEJA on Facebook,
Twitter, and

aucfan Co.,Ltd.

Co-founded by Nishiki Takashi and Yoshiyuki Tajima, is an eCommerce price data company
providing detailed data for American, Chinese and Japanese markets. Follow
aucfan on Facebook,
Twitter, and


Founded by Kitagawa Retsu, SmartDrive
is focused on the development of IoT technology solutions for automobiles. They
are widely known for their data platform that captures and analyzes big data.
Connect with them on Facebook,
Twitter, and


Founded by Iwai Hiroyuki, Cacco is a SaaS
business and consulting company that extracts data for making business decisions
from big data. You can follow them on Facebook
and Twitter.


Co-founded by Daniel Maggs, Eli Lyons, and Wojciech Bula,
Bisu puts health data into the hands of its
users through easy, accurate in-home tests. Connect with Bisu on their
Twitter and
LinkedIn page.


FABRIC TOKYO, co-founded by Minemura Shogo and Yuichiro Mori, is a
direct-to-consumer custom-made apparel brand. Stay up-to-date with them via
their website,
Facebook, and


Co-founded by Daigo Hamura and Naoto Yokoyama,
FLYWHEEL Japan offers consultation and
product development solutions utilizing data and AI. Connect with them on
Twitter, and

Neural Pocket

Co-founded by Roi Shigematsu and Yutaka Matsuo,
Neural Pocket provides Smart City
related services for commercial buildings and urban spaces utilizing AI enabled
image recognition technology. Follow them on
Twitter and

User Local

Founded by Masao Ito, User Local
provides big data analysis for website owners. Connect with them on
Twitter and

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