Exploring Shanghai’s Pioneering Big Data Companies and Their Global Impact

Big Data has become a critical tool for understanding market trends, customer preferences, and complex business scenarios. In line with this rising trend, a number of companies have emerged globally to focus specifically on Big Data, harnessing its potential to improve business operations and growth. Headquartered in Shanghai, these companies are making significant contributions to the industry by applying data-driven insights to help their clients optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and even transform their business models. Here, we profile some of these noteworthy Shanghai-based companies operating in the Big Data industry.

Included in this review are companies like UCloud Information Technology, IceKredit, BaseBit Technologies, APEX Technologies, KAWO 科握, GV20 Therapeutics, Leapstack, Kingstar, Nuanwa Technology, Eoitek, and CashBUS. These companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Big Data, and they are doing it from Shanghai. Not only do they push boundaries, they are constantly redefining the standards of Big Data, AI, Cloud Computing and much more.

The novel advancements made by these pioneers, in everything from cyber security to immense data processing, are helping to fuel the exponential growth of the global Big Data market. Let’s dive deep into their unique propositions, services, and the value each of them brings to the table.

UCloud Information Technology

UCloud Information Technology was founded in 2011 by Ji Xinhua, Hua Kun, and Mo Xianfeng. Providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), their core services revolve around cloud computing, offering computational resources, storage resources, network resources and other IT services. They cater to diverse sectors including video, online education, and digital marketing to name a few. Follow UCloud on LinkedIn.


Established in 2015 by Lingyun Gu, IceKredit uses advanced AI technologies to provide credit risk management services. The Shanghai-based company’s services extend to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and other places. You can connect with IceKredit on their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

BaseBit Technologies

With a focus on Big Data and AI technologies, BaseBit Technologies innovates solutions revolving around privacy computing. They have a global presence with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Yichang, and Chengdu. They are active on LinkedIn.

APEX Technologies

APEX Technologies couples big data, AI and blockchain technology to solve problems in the field of marketing, personalization, and customer analytics. They cater to more than 300 mid to large global and China enterprises. Stay updated with them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


KAWO is a Chinese social media management platform. Founded in 2013, they cater to international brands looking to have a consistent social media stance in China. You can follow their progress on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

GV20 Therapeutics

GV20 Therapeutics, founded by Shirley Liu and Tengfei Ted Xiao, is working in the field of cancer immunology drug discovery and development. Using high throughput functional genomics and AI, they are identifying novel targets and developing antibody drugs. They have a LinkedIn profile.


A brainchild of Gejie Liu and Zhiyang Guo, Leapstack is a technology company specializing in big data artificial intelligence for commercial insurers and social security management agencies. Check out their LinkedIn page for more.


Kingstar caters to the larger financial institutions in the industry, offering fintech overall solutions. Specialized in professional fields such as capital markets and enterprise risk management, Kingstar offers distributed architecture transaction and risk management system solutions. Stay updated through their LinkedIn page.

Nuanwa Technology

Primarily serving insurance companies and internet platforms, Nuanwa Technology provides a variety of business related services ranging from risk control to system services. Nuanwa aims to open up barriers to medical data information.


As an intelligent big data analysis solution provider, Eoitek uses artificial intelligence and big data technologies to help customers find the value of operation and maintenance data and promote enterprise digital transformation.


Established in 2014 by Yang Tang, CashBUS is a microfinance company that offers small short-term micro and installment loans for the underbanked in China. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Data Magazine

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