Exploring Seoul’s Leading Innovators in the Big Data Landscape

In the era of digital advancement and automation, Big Data has become a central player, driving multiple industries with new and improved technologies. Today we turn our focus to Seoul, South Korea, one of the most advanced technology hubs in the world, where several companies are offering innovative solutions in the Big Data industry. This piece of writing aims to highlight different companies located in Seoul, operating in the Big Data industry, their offerings, specialties, and how they contribute to shaping the current and future landscapes of Big Data.

Bespin Global

Founded by John HanJoo Lee and K. Hoon Park, Bespin Global functions in the realm of Big Data, Cloud Data Services, Cloud Management, Enterprise Software, and Information Technology. The company provides consulting, migration, managed services, and hybrid cloud solutions to its clients. Their unique offerings also include rapidly implemented architectures optimized for various industry sectors. They have a dedicated cloud managed service provider business, a product of their affiliation with Hostway’s cloud business.


pioneered by Jihyun Won and Taehoon Park, takes Big Data into the realm of Content Discovery, Personalization, and Video Streaming. Established in 2012, Watcha has its roots as a revered movie review app in Korea, the foundation for its personalized recommendation technology. They provide an array of movie, TV show, and book reviews. Beyond reviews, Watcha Play, launched in 2016, is a subscription VOD service that enables users to view content on multiple devices.


Started by Kuk-seong “Eric” Ma, IGAWorks is a leader in the Advertising, Analytics, Big Data, Marketing, and Mobile Apps industry. Their services include providing full-stack ad-tech services, ranging from media, audience, performance to total advertisement service. Further, they offer the biggest ad networks in Korea, mobile app market analytics platforms, and an all-in-one data platform.

AIZEN Global

Founded by Jung Seok Kang, AIZEN Global is driving change in Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Software industries. They offer CreditConnect, an AI lending platform bridging the gap between banks and data economy platforms with automated key decision-making processes.

Korea Credit Data

Started by Kelvin Dongho Kim, Korea Credit Data provides business management solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Korea. They focus on resolving issues faced by a business owner throughout his business life. From establishing its position through ‘Cashnote’ and ‘Bizbot’ services, they have expanded their services to B2B commerce to B2C payment areas.


N.THING, is a brainchild of Ti Gong, James Gu, Mingjun Li, and Hankwoo Kim. Established in 2014, N.THING leads innovation in products like the world’s first modular vertical farm ‘CUBE,’ simplifying the complexities of indoor farming. The company aims to connect people to nature and things using IoT technologies.


Doomoolmori, co-founded by Jisoo (Guersam) Park, Rakhyeon (Ryan) Song, Seungkyu (Simon) Lee, and Yung Nok (Jules) Chun, develops and provides intelligent, scalable AI investment solutions for the Financial Services and Fintech industries.


Started by Minu Park, Crowdworks uses advanced AI data annotation platforms to improve data quality. Their unique offering utilises behaviour data collected from crowdworkers to provide high-quality data for customers across different industries.


With Stephen Chang at helm, Humanscape, a health-tech company operates primarily in Big Data, Blockchain, Health Care, and Information Technology. They focus on providing better chances of cure for patients by collecting and compiling comprehensive patient health data.


Dabeeo, founded by Juhum Park, provides geo-spatial data technology with AI. They create interactive maps using vision data produced through smartphone cameras. These maps are widely used for gaming, marketing, and logistics.

DAYLI Financial Group

Co-created by SangYoung Park and Sean Shin, DAYLI Financial Group is a leading Fintech company in Asia. Their core divisions include DAYLI Intelligence, Quarterback, and DAYLI Marketplace. They offer data tech solutions, digital wealth management, and lead-generation services, serving in the Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTech, Personal Finance, Wealth Management industries.

Written by Data Magazine

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