Exploring Scottsdale’s Innovative Leaders in the Big Data Industry

Big data is saturating markets across industries, growing in importance and prevalence with every passing year. In recent years, Scottsdale, Arizona has emerged as a hotbed for companies operating in this vibrant industry, leveraging the power of big data to enhance operations, make informed business decisions, and improve customer experiences. In this article, we highlight several companies headquartered in Scottsdale that are making their mark in the big data landscape.

From software development and consulting to education technology, these companies form an integral part of Scottsdale’s thriving technological ecosystem. By harnessing the vast potential of big data, these businesses are not only contributing to Arizona’s economic development but are also driving innovation in their respective domains.

Whether it’s providing cloud computing services, developing business intelligence platforms, or facilitating seamless exchange of credentials, these companies offer a range of solutions to address specific market needs. With their distinctive services, these organizations are paving the way for a future where data-based decision-making becomes a norm rather than an exception.


Founded by Venu Raghavan, Encora is a player in product engineering services that provides outsourced software product development services. The company is positioned in the Hybrid IT market servicing themes such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, and more. Encora also plays an active role on social media platforms such as @encorainc, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Jeff Harris, John Reese, and Mark N. Cohen, Parchment is an education technology company. It develops advanced credential management systems that lets users request, verify, and share credentials for learners, educators, and employers. With its comprehensive line of services, Parchment is a leading company in the realms of Big Data, EdTech, Education, SaaS, and Software. Follow Parchment on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for their latest updates.

NarrativeWave, Inc.

Operating in the intersect of multiple fields like Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Enterprise Software, and others, NarrativeWave enables self-service analytics for the Industrial Internet of Things. The company’s primary focus is on democratizing analytics, decision automation, and bringing profit improvement to businesses. Stay updated about NarrativeWave on LinkedIn.


CIRQ+ is an innovation born from the minds of founders Jodi Deros and Yani Deros. The company offers an automation and robotics platform for commercial properties, helping protect people against pathogens while reducing costs with plug and play technology. Their innovative approach is bolstered by AI and cloud-based systems. Interested readers can follow CIRQ+ on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @cirqplus on Twitter.


Founded by Suresh Potluri, M3bi is an information technology company specializing in big data analytics implementation services. The company delivers a wide array of data services to their clients, focusing on particular areas such as Analytics and IT. Even though it does not maintain a presence on Facebook or Twitter, you can learn more about the company on LinkedIn.

Artha Solutions

Artha Solutions champions business, technology, and strategy consulting, offering an array of services to clients from various sectors. Their unique solutions include data strategy, master data management, digital transformation services, cloud services, and so much more. Stay updated with Artha Solutions by following them on Facebook, @thinkartha on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Dan Hirsch and Vartan Arabyan, DataOwl carries the unique distinction of being a software company that develops CRM and business operating solutions for cannabis dispensaries. To learn more about their products, services and the company itself, follow DataOwl on LinkedIn.

Traffic Oxygen

Traffic Oxygen positions itself as a solution for display advertising and retargeting. It optimizes, monitors, and manages campaigns to target different customers, including small businesses and specific professional groups. Engage with Traffic Oxygen through their Facebook, @traffic_oxygen on Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Altos Digital

Founded by Ray Lucchesi, ALTOS DIGITAL is an ecommerce agency delivering a multitude of services, including website development, digital marketing, marketplace services, data expertise, and proprietary technology. Connect with ALTOS DIGITAL on Facebook, @altosdigital on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


AdvisorClarity, under the leadership of founder Nick Mancini, offers wealth management firms optimal business intelligence platforms, from data acquisition to actionable insights. The company prides itself in developing dashboards optimized to provide business leaders with insights to lead with confidence and address issues proactively.

News Quantified

Co-founded by Jay Larmee and Oliver Schmalholz, News Quantified is a company specialized in matching financial news with market data. For latest updates, follow News Quantified on Facebook, @newsquantified on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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