Exploring Sao Paulo’s Impactful Innovations in the Big Data Industry

Welcome once again to another series of our big data company highlights where we feature companies that are making profound impacts and strides in the big data industry. This series will focus on companies headquartered in the vibrant city of São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. These companies, through their innovative solutions and unique business models, have been pivotal in utilizing big data for various purposes, including improving customer experience, enhancing businesses, and bettering society at large. This article provides an overview of the selected companies and some details about their operations and contributions to the big data industry.

São Paulo is one of Brazil’s leading cities in technology and starts up ecosystems. It is home to an array of companies seeking to leverage big data in their operations. From fin-tech to transportation, digital health, and business intelligence, these companies cut across various industries, thereby underscoring the extensive applicability of big data.

The selection of these companies is multifaceted, considering their unique solutions, impact, and innovations in the big data space. These companies are not only excellent at what they do but they are also altering the business landscape with their big data applications.


Mottu, founded by Caetano Minuzzo, Igor Batista, and Rubens Zanelatto, operates within the automotive, big data, car sharing, information technology, last mile transportation, rental, and transportation industry. This motorcycle rental startup empowers gig workers by providing assets for logistics and food delivery services. This company’s primary goal is to transform the delivery experience, thus improving lives. For more info, visit their website, follow them on Facebook or connect via Linkedin.

Click Cash

Click Cash, a fin-tech startup founded by Douglas Murdoch, simplifies the personal unsecured lending process. This mobile App uses Big Data and Open Banking to offer secure and reliable microcredit services, thereby providing a novel approach to personal finance. The Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter (@clickcashbrasil) pages offer more information.

ViBe Saúde

Co-founded by Ian Bonde, Jian Zhao, and Ricardo Joseph, ViBe Saúde addresses health and wellness through its digital Health App. This blend of Telemedicine, Digital Therapeutics, and Health & Wellness provides a holistic approach to healthcare. More details are available on their Linkedin page.


Looqbox, founded by Daniel Murta, is redefining business intelligence. By turning data into searchable and useful information, Looqbox is providing a new way companies interact with their data. Check out their Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter (@looqbox) for more information.


JOTA, founded by Felipe Recondo, Felipe Seligman, Fernando Mello, and Laura Diniz, is a SaaS company that uses artificial intelligence, big data, and journalism to provide insights and predictive analysis on the government in Brazil. Visit their Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter (@jotainfo) page for more details.


Fernando Steler, Marcelo Wosniak Steler, and Wagner Carvalho co-founded D1, a company that’s aiding enterprises’ digital transformation through better customer engagement. The company’s processes are simplified by sending omnichannel communications to customers through the cloud. More information can be found on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


PiniOn, co-founded by André Alfaya, Carolina Carvalho Dantas, Eduardo Grinberg, and Federico Sader, is a mobile platform that connects users to perform micro-tasks based on their profile and/or location. Learn more about PiniOn on their Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter (@pinion).


Co-founded by Adhemar Milani Neto and Joao Costa, Kovi is improving transportation by providing rental cars for on-demand drivers in Latin America. More information can be found on their Facebook page, Twitter (@koviapp), or Linkedin.


Monuv, co-founded by Bruno Freitas and Camila Rissi, is revolutionizing security with their platform that empowers cameras to avoid crimes through intelligent and integrated surveillance. Visit their Facebook or Linkedin for more information.


Co-founded by Leonardo Artiero, Dataland uses algorithms to look for prominent urban spaces. The platform brings sellers and buyers closer, transforming the real estate industry. Connect with them on Facebook or Linkedin.


Co-founded by Lincoln Ando, Raphael Melo, and Renan Esposte, Idwall is providing innovative solutions for businesses to facilitate the customer credentialing process. Visit their Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter (@idwall_co) for more information.

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