Exploring Richmond’s Pioneering Role in the American Big Data Industry


The big data industry is dynamic and ever-growing. With a seemingly insatiable appetite for information and analytics, businesses across the world rely on big data to make informed decisions. Richmond, Virginia, is home to a growing cluster of big data firms who are making headway in this essential industry. Each of them hones in on a specific area, from customer intelligence and legal management solutions to advocacy software and artificial intelligence, thus catering to the diverse needs of different businesses. Below, we highlight some of the thriving big data companies operating from Richmond, Virginia.

These companies are united by their Richmond roots and their commitment to harnessing the power of big data; however, their approaches and focuses diverge. This diversity reflects the multifaceted nature of the big data industry, showcasing the richness of possibilities within this expansive field. You’ll find an overview of what each company does, along with links to find out more about them.

Ranging from small startups to established corporations, these companies exemplify the vibrancy and innovation of Richmond’s big data scene. Let’s delve into the unique features of these local big data powerhouses.

Q Customer Intelligence

Co-founded by Carrington Williams, Charles Valentine, Luke Adams, and Matthew Knight, Q Customer Intelligence offers a unique, accessible SaaS platform for customer intelligence. Their services, primarily helping consumer-facing businesses, sits comfortably between existing marketing, sales, and service tools, making it a light central layer providing intelligence. You can find Q Customer Intelligence on their Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter.


Muster, co-founded by Alex Schettine, offers invaluable software that facilitates political advocacy. Besides, it provides tools to track campaign analytics and engage supporters through a range of initiatives. Keep updated with them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, or via Twitter.


UDig, co-founded by Andy Frank, stands as an industry leader in big data, information technology, and software. You can learn more about them through their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.


Co-founded by Paul Hurlocker, Notch operates in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, among other IT related areas. You can keep updated with them on Facebook or Twitter.

Acuity Management Solutions

Acuity Management Solutions excels as a legal e-billing, matter management, analytics, and collaboration technology software-as-a-service provider. Learn more about their legal management software solutions on their LinkedIn or Twitter.


Situated in the intersection of analytics, big data, and information technology, DAS provides specialized services that cater to businesses’ need for detailed and insightful analytics. Keep in touch with them on their LinkedIn or via Twitter.

Hybrida IT

Hybrida IT is a leader in big data, cloud computing, cyber security, and IT infrastructure. You can learn more about their solutions through their Facebook or LinkedIn.

Data Ark

Specializing in big data and predictive analytics, Data Ark provides bespoke software solutions for businesses keen on capitalizing on the power of comprehensive analytics.


As part of the analytics, big data, and business intelligence industry, Reportgurus provides quality training services and solutions. Keep updated with them on their LinkedIn.

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