Exploring Prominent Big Data Firms Headquartered in New York City

The Big Data industry has grown exponentially over the past decade and New York has been one of the epicenters of this growth. This industry has not only been a game-changer in terms of analytics and information technology, but it has also carved out new avenues for sectors such as marketing automation, cyber security, FinTech, and more. This article will highlight some noteworthy companies in the Big Data industry with headquarters in New York, New York.

These companies are doing incredible things with Big Data, harnessing its power to derive meaningful insights and drive strategic decision-making. They are variously involved in developing cutting-edge analytics platforms, leveraging machine learning and AI, ensuring data privacy and security, creating effective marketing automation processes, and codeveloping software that enhances business performance and growth. So let’s delve into the unfamiliar and fascinating territory of Big Data companies based in NYC.


Elementus was founded by Max Galka, Mike Kalomeni, and Nuria Gutierrez Prunera. This company operates at the intersection of analytics, big data, blockchain, compliance, and information technology. Elementus offers an innovative analytics platform that reveals actionable insights about blockchain activity, providing security intelligence, exposing bad actors, and offering market-leading insights for informed digital asset investment.


ROKT is led by founding team of Ben Voltz, Bruce Buchanan, and Justin Viles. The global leader in ecommerce technology, ROKT helps companies maximize every customer transaction for revenue growth and customer acquisition. Their industry sectors include Big Data, Data Integration, E-commerce, and Marketing Automation.


Founded by Dimitri Sirota and Nimrod Vax, BigID develops software that enables companies to securely manage customer data and comply with privacy regulations. They leverage advanced machine learning and identity intelligence to protect customer and employee data on an unprecedented scale.


Wei Wang founded Canoe with a focus on automating document management and data extraction for investors into alternatives. The company uses technology to automate and optimize backend operations for clients, unlocking new efficiencies.


Sisense was founded by Adi Azaria, Aviad Harell, Elad Israeli, and Eldad Farkash. Sisense moves beyond traditional business intelligence by infusing analytics everywhere in business processes to drive business performance and growth.


Dennis Crowley, Naveen Selvadurai, and Siddhartha Sarangi are the founders of Foursquare, a leading location technology platform. It provides business solutions and customer products via a deep understanding of location intelligence.


ActionIQ, founded by Nitay Joffe and Tasso Argyros, is a groundbreaking Customer Data Platform, bringing power of data, deft analytics, and seamless marketing integration to businesses.

Garner Health

Established by Nick Reber, Garner Health is a provider of healthcare services, helping employers give their employees a higher quality and more cost-effective healthcare experience.

Enigma Technologies

Founded by Hicham Oudghiri and Marc DaCosta, Enigma Technologies is building the future of small business intelligence, providing accurate insights on the identity, activity, and risk profile of every small business.


Founded by Dritan Suljoti, Mehdi Daoudi, Scotte Barkan, and Veronica Ellis, Catchpoint is a leader in Digital Experience Observability, empowering businesses to confidently manage the end user experience.

Simon Data

Simon Data, founded by Frank Harris, Jason Davis, Joshua Neckes, and Matt Walker, empowers marketing teams through its trailblazing Customer Data Platform, designed to augment campaign performance through faster, more precise segmentation and personalization.

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