Exploring London’s Pivotal Role in the Global Big Data Landscape

With headquarters located in the vibrant city of London, England, numerous companies operating in the Big Data industry are transforming industries and carving new paths in this rapidly evolving sector. This article highlights the contributions of some of these companies, with a keen focus on their primary offerings, founders, and potential impact on users and businesses. Ranging from Fintech to Biotechnology and Cyberspace, these companies are using Big Data to drive innovation and create value in their various markets.


Co-Founded by Alastair Bulger, Alexis Rog, and Stephen Simmons, Sikoia is a Big Data company specializing in the Fintech, Marketplace, and Risk Management sector. The company’s primary mission is to simplify customer onboarding and automate lending decisions through its unified data platform and API marketplace for financial services. [Twitter | LinkedIn]


BenevolentAI leverages AI, Big Data, Biotechnology, and Machine Learning to develop drugs in the Pharmaceutical industry. The company was founded by Brent Gutekunst, Ivan Griffin, Ken Mulvany, and Michael Brennan and is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange.
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Privitar, founded by Gerard Buggy, Jason du Preez, and John Taysom, enables companies to leverage large, sensitive data sets while ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CPRA, and HIPAA. [Twitter | LinkedIn]

Black Swan

Black Swan, co-founded by Hugo Amos and Steve King, is the leading provider of predictive consumer trend insight. It uses AI, deep learning, and NLP techniques to provide actionable insights into current and future trends. [Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn]


Behavox is an enterprise platform that unifies all types of data into a single data lake, allowing users to query the data and apply machine learning to identify capital markets misconduct and insider threats. Co-founded by Alexander Glasman, Erkin Adylov, Kiryl Trembovolski, and Roman Zelov. [Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn]

Red Sift

Red Sift, an integrated cloud email and brand protection platform, automates BIMI and DMARC processes, making it easy to identify and stop business email compromise. Co-Founded by Rahul Powar and Randal Pinto. [Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn]


Brothers Jaime and Tobie Morgan Hitchcock co-founded SurrealDB, a highly-scalable NewSQL database for serverless applications with an SQL-style query language. [Twitter | LinkedIn]

ESG Book

ESG Book is a global leader in sustainability data and technology. The cloud-based platform, incubated by Arabesque in 2018, was founded by Andreas Feiner, Dominic Selwood, Hans-Robert Arndt, and Omar Selim. [Twitter | LinkedIn]


Glassbox’s analytics platform records, indexes, and analyzes digital interactions, providing rich insight for businesses. The company was founded by Yaron Gueta, Hanan Blumstein, and Yoav Schreiber. [Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn]


Qubit is the leading company in highly persuasive personalization at scale. Co-founded by Daniel Shellard, Emre Baran, Graham Cooke, and Ian McCaig, Qubit uses artificial intelligence, big data, and other technologies to transform the ecommerce industry. [Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn]

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