Exploring Lima-Based Titans Revolutionizing the Big Data Industry

Big Data is a fast-evolving industry and companies are tirelessly battling to stay at the forefront of the wave, a scenario no different in the bustling city of Lima, Peru. The city has seen the rise of numerous companies contributing to the Big Data industry, a few of which are worth mentioning for their unique contributions and innovative approaches to digital transformation. The following is a list of different companies headquartered in Lima that are currently operating in the Big Data industry.


Spacedat, founded by Guillermo De Vivanco, is a company that brings big data to agriculture with a drone enabled digital platform. With over 10+ years of experience in aerial imagery analysis and startup strategies, the company is revolutionizing the agricultural sector by incorporating Big Data, drones and information services. Join their various networks, follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Quantico Trends

The brainchild of founders Bruno Kámiche, Diana Zorrilla, and Javier Albarracín, Quantico Trends believes in creating value from millions of social media conversations. Their SaaS product, accessible from the cloud, provides useful and easy indicators for multiple sectors including marketing and sales, business intelligence, quality, and customer service. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.

FIT Big Data

Developed by Gonzalo Sarmiento, Gonzalo Zegarra Mulanovich, and José Antonio García Belaunde, FIT Big Data was the first to develop a predictive credit assessment platform in Peru. The standardized credit scoring system aids in credit appraisal and provides businesses with actionable insights. To stay updated, follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Founded by Alfred Kobayashi and Faviola Falconi, OUTFIE is a mobile and web crowdstyling platform that provides solutions for women’s style dilemmas. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Cyberline operates within the big data, cloud computing, and cyber security sector, providing cutting-edge services in these areas. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Quipu Consulting

Quipu Consulting is an Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Mining, Information Technology company based in Lima, Peru. Connect with them on Linkedin.


Founded by Carlos Del Carpio, David Ortiz, Federico Travesino, Juan Pablo Lopez, Tripea aims to improve travel planning and booking experiences by making it more focused around a traveler’s budget and preferences. Follow them on Facebook.


GamdAi is a Big Data, cloud computing, cyber security and software company in Lima, Peru. Connect with them on Linkedin.

STAMINER / play your game

Founded by Carlos Diaz and Manfred Bodner, STAMINER play your game, is the first platform of connection, transaction and sports interaction. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.

In conclusion, there are a plethora of companies in Lima, Peru that are making strides in the Big Data industry with their innovative solutions, providing valuable information and services to both businesses and individuals. With their diverse and creative approach to Big Data, these companies continue to contribute significantly to the growth of digital transformation in Peru.

Written by Data Magazine

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