Exploring LA’s Finest: Big Data Companies Reshaping the Tech Landscape


In the world of big data, certain cities shine brighter than others. One such city is Los Angeles, California, where a rapidly growing community of big data companies are making waves in various industries. Today, we will spotlight several innovative companies headquartered in the City of Angels, providing a snapshot of their approach to big data and their impact on the industry.

While each company has its unique approach and focus, they all utilize big data to drive decision-making, generate insights, improve efficiencies, and create valuable solutions for customers. These companies offer an exciting showcase of the many different ways big data is transforming industries and driving innovation.

Informed by LA’s diversity and vibrant business sector, these companies are an integral part of the emerging big data ecosystem. Here is a close look at each of these companies:


Analytics and big data company, EDO, co-founded by Daniel Nadler and Edward Norton, offers bespoke data solutions to its clients primarily in the movie and TV networks industry. Its mission is to employ superior engineering and data science skills to solve critical data and measurement problems. Connect with EDO on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Ad-tech firm, Adwisely, is a dynamic startup that aims to transform the digital advertising industry by minimising human involvement in ads creation. Founders Pavlo Matviienko and Volodymyr Vorobei spearhead this innovative movement, which centers on maximum returns on advertising investments through focused product and service quality improvement. Connect with Adwisely on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

… and so on …
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