Exploring Kraków’s Pioneering Big Data Industry Leaders and Innovators

Kraków, Malopolskie, Poland, a city known for its rich history and architectural beauty, has also emerged as a growing hotspot for big data companies in recent years. This growth is fostered by a combination of tech-savvy talent, a supportive business environment, and the city’s vibrancy. This article focuses on companies based in Kraków that operate in the big data industry, providing an overview of each. We’ll dive into the founding team, the business model, and the unique value these companies bring to the big data landscape.


Founded by Kamil Tymczyszy and Waldemar Franczak, Spectator focuses on simplifying the use of satellite images. Integrating GIS systems based on EO data, their online platform provides easy access to products developed by both the firm and external partners. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Wanda Maps

Founded by Navit Reid and Victoria Pavlova, Wanda Maps helps users curate and share noteworthy places, enhancing productivity and geographically-attached content marketing. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


Harimata, a company with a unique mission to combine psychology and technology to give children the best start in the future. Founders Anna Anzulewicz, Krzysztof Sobota, Marek Przystas, and Mateusz Stec lead this initiative. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Shape VC

Shape VC, an innovative VC firm focusing on early-stage companies that utilize hardware as a core component of their solution. The founders, Agnieszka Poznańska, Maciej Frankowicz, and Tomasz Glowacki, bring the fund to life. Facebook, LinkedIn

Steinfeld Legal

Steinfeld Legal offers a unique service in the legal big data field, specializing in contract review, lease abstraction, and big data analysis for law firms and companies worldwide. Facebook, LinkedIn

Smart.Biz Marcin Stepien

Smart.Biz, founded by Marcin Stepien, specializes in cloud computing and data integration, offering comprehensive consulting services. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

StatSoft Polska

StatSoft Polska, the company is dedicated to providing effective solutions in analytics and information technology. Facebook, LinkedIn


Promediahouse is a media house that offers wide-range of marketing and media services, including big data, innovative solutions, and business objective services. LinkedIn


Traily, founded by Tobias O., is a big data company with a focus on mobile technology. Website

These companies, each unique in their service offering and vision, are utilising the power of big data to drive their businesses forward. While varied in the sectors they operate in, each of these companies contributes significantly to the data industry and demonstrate the dynamic business environment of Kraków, Poland.

Written by Data Magazine

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