Exploring Johannesburg’s Pioneering Big Data Industry: South African Success Stories

South Africa, specifically Johannesburg, is becoming a dynamic hub for innovative companies in the realm of Big Data. Firms situated in this bustling city are harnessing the power of information on a gargantuan scale, transforming a variety of industries such as Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Analytics, and more through their revolutionary technologies and services.

The big data industry provides a wealth of opportunities, from gaining insights through predictive analytics to improving services in public transportation, mobile payments, and beyond. Big Data offers a unique opportunity to harness the power of information to drive business growth, societal developments, and technological advancements. Let us delve into some of the prominent data-centric companies driving progress and innovation in Johannesburg,

In this article, we feature several noteworthy firms that are transforming businesses and industries with their innovative use of Big Data. We will introduce you to these companies, describe their expertise, backgrounds, and accomplishments, and provide the means for you to connect with them digitally.


LÜLA is a mobility platform that connects corporate commuters to private shared shuttles on their commute to work; thus making travel more convenient and economical. They partner with verified 3rd party shuttle operators to optimize pickups in a manner that is both time-efficient and cost-effective. Their innovative approach leverages big data and predictive analytics to streamline the public transportation and ride-sharing sectors. Connect with LÜLA on Twitter @thelulaloop, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Syenap offers analytics solutions, customer tracking, and live visual intelligence to retail industries. It helps users search across any content like emails, newsletters, products, brands, and discovery deals that are important and relevant to shopping style and preferences. Connect with Syenap on Twitter @syenapanalytics, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


M4Jam’s gig technology platform uplifts communities, provides businesses access to informal markets and creates data assets. This firm leverages big data to build meaningful interactions between businesses and local communities. Connect with M4JAM on Twitter @M4JAM, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Business Science Corporation

A global leader in consulting that provides analytics, big data, and management consulting services. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Nexio South Africa

Nexio assists businesses in taking the next step in their digital transformation. They have offices in Rivonia Sandton, Umhlanga, and Cape Town. Connect with Nexio South Africa on Twitter @NexioSA, and LinkedIn.


Farosian is a leading pioneer in South Africa and Africa in the field of social and digital media risk assessment and mitigation. The company analyses over 2,498 digital & social media data points with highly qualified human insight to reveal the true person behind the data. Connect with Farosian on Twitter @FarosianInfo, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Master Data Management

A company nestled in the heart of Johannesburg that provides expert solutions for big data and information technology. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


A company specialized in big data, information technology, IT management, and software. Follow them on Twitter @ZA_SSA, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Emerge Analytics

Emerge Analytics unleashes the potential of corporate data using advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


CloudINX simplifies global network connectivity, reducing confusion and technical challenges for its clients. The company offers voice, data, and management support and consulting services for service providers. Follow them on Twitter @cloudinx, and LinkedIn.

Apex BI

Apex BI is a company specialized in big data, information technology, internet of things, software, and telecommunications. Connect with Apex BI on Twitter @apexbi_tem, and LinkedIn.

Written by Data Magazine

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