Exploring Innovative Big Data Firms Based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

The Furthering Impact of Big Data in Oxford, UK

The scenery of Oxfordshire, England, might bring to mind visions of quaint streets and ancient architecture, but this picturesque English city is also garnering attention as a technological hub. With companies spanning from education to finance, there’s a vibrant undercurrent of innovation that’s shaping the future of big data. Based out of this historical city, these businesses are making significant strides in the tech and data industry, sparking innovation and utilising technology to drive their services and solutions.

If you’re curious about the big data landscape in the beautiful city of Oxford, you’re in luck. In this article, we will delve into the profiles of some of the cutting-edge businesses that call this city home. Each of these companies is playing a dynamic role in advancing the use of big data and related technologies such as machine learning, AI, information tech, and more.

The following sections provide a close-up look at these Oxford–based enterprises. Each company not only shares a geographical locale but also a commitment to utilizing and progressing big data capabilities, part of a growing global trend.

Mind Foundry

Founded by Professor Stephen Roberts and Michael Osborne, Mind Foundry has a mission to balance human ingenuity with AI capabilities to solve the world’s most pressing issues. The company uses machine learning and AI to transform the way organisations function, offering a robust platform that brings machine learning to the core of their work. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


For over 10 years, Adestra has been inspiring their clients to enhance their marketing return on investment using email-driven tech. Their mantra that marketing growth requires more than just technology places an emphasis on customer success and premium service. Check out Adestra on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

At the forefront of the EdTech revolution, Classlist, is a community management app developed for schools. Providing a safe and secure platform for parents and schools to engage, Classlist fosters a thriving schools’ community. Get connected with Classlist on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


As a pioneer in empowering the workforce, MeVitae leverages data and tech to improve your hiring process. They help businesses understand their existing workforce and attract new talent in the fairest way possible. Subscribe on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

HT2 Labs

Dedicated to changing lives through learning, HT2 Labs creates software that makes learning more personal, social and measurable. They have released products like Learning Locker, which is the most installed Open Source Learning Record Store in the world. Join their social community on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Green Sea Guard

Green Sea Guard provides innovative solutions for monitoring ship exhaust emissions, contributing to a cleaner and sustainable maritime environment. Their system collects and transmits data, making maritime activities more eco-friendly.


Founded by the leading researchers from the University of Oxford, colwiz is a free research management platform. It manages the entire research process from an initial thought to the publication of results. You can also find colwiz on Twitter and Facebook.


Oxtractor uses artificial intelligence to draw valuable insights from social data using natural language processing. Oxtractor’s AI technology is provided via its web platform, offering clients an easier way to engage with their users. Networks with Oxtractor are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Leopard Business Solutions

Leopard Business Solutions offers analytics and big data solutions to boost business performance. You can track their updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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