Exploring Haidian’s Big Data Innovators: Beijing’s Groundbreaking Data Industry Leaders

In the heart of Beijing, China’s home to technology and scientific research, Haidian district houses some of the leading companies in the big data industry. These companies are not only influencing the Chinese market but are also leaving a significant mark in the global big data scenario. In this series, we will highlight some of these notable companies, their industry scope, founders, and unique attributes that set them apart in the big data industry.

One common thread running through these businesses is their commitment to leveraging data to drive insights and decision making. While they all operate within the realm of big data, the diversity in their specific niches, from analytics to cloud computing and blockchain, speaks to the breadth of opportunities and applications within this field. Furthermore, their global influence underscores the role of big data as an indispensable tool in the modern digital economy.

For our readers who are particularly interested in companies operating from Haidian, Beijing, in the big data industry, this series will serve as a deeper insight into their operations, innovations, and contributions to the data world.

Sensors Data

Founded in 2015 by Sang Wenfeng, Sensors Data has become a leading player in the provision of big data analysis services. The company caters to over 300 companies, including Chinese workout mobile app Keep and video sharing and live streaming app Miaopai. Wenfeng, a former Baidu Inc’s big data department manager, leverages his expertise in analyzing business model trends, improving operational efficiency, and helping businesses make data-based decisions.

Twenty-First Century Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd

Shuang Wu founded Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology providing remote sensing satellite operation and geospatial information big data services. The company has mastered the provision of satellite remote sensing big data products, including 3D scene data and remote sensing data products. Their spatial information comprehensive application services have proven vital in the areas of image and software application services.


In the intersection of artificial intelligence, big data, and healthcare, RXThinking is making significant strides. Founded by Kan Deng, the company is focused on advancing these three pivotal sectors and has not left any stone unturned in breathing life into their vision.


Beijing Freedo Technology Co., Ltd., specializes in providing 3D global data services. Wenwu He, who started this internet firm, is committed to research and development of various technologies, including a BIM/GIS/CIM three-dimensional digital baseboard and a high-rendering visualization engine.

Prime Cloud

As cloud computing continues to dominate the technology scene, Prime Cloud is in the forefront of big data, cloud computing, and information technology. Although the founder’s identity remains undisclosed, the company’s strides in the industry cannot be overlooked.


Serving the specific needs of vehicle networking, Zhiwang Technology, a subsidiary of China Unicom, has developed specialized services in their sector. The market share of the company in the field of car networking has reached over 70%, despite being established only in 2015.


Jun Zhang-led Chinadaas connects and integrates multiple sources of information and services across various industries. They provide data services to prominent domestic state-owned or joint-stock commercial banks, large and medium-sized Internet companies, credit agencies, and a host of other clients.


Qi Bo founded LinkedME, a deep link service platform aimed at application developers. The company supports them in their development and operation process to ensure they achieve their strategic objectives.

Yuguang Technology

Working at the frontier of Augmented Reality, Big Data, Manufacturing, and Virtual Reality, Yuguang Technology is inventing the industrial future.


Dious Emmanuel’s CIG has asserted itself in the Big Data, Content Marketing, and Digital Marketing scenario. Although the company’s details are sparse, their influence in the industry cannot be ignored.


TAMI, founded by Jiyong Wu and Yue Zhu, concentrates on network service robot technology and its applications. They have created solutions to tackle labour shortages, high labour intensity, repetitive tasks, and difficulties in obtaining professional knowledge in domains such as smart venues, hospitals, and care for the elderly.

Written by Data Magazine

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