Exploring Columbia’s Trailblazers in the American Big Data Landscape

The Big Data industry is a rapidly expanding field, playing a pivotal role in driving digital transformation. It is shaping today’s dynamic business environment, providing a multitude of opportunities for companies to gain insights into their customers, optimize operations, and create new business models. Columbia, Maryland is home to some of the most innovative companies in the field of Big Data. This article will explore a number of these businesses, providing context and insight into their operations and impact on the industry.

From marketing and advertising, to analytics and information technology, these companies are leveraging the power of data to drive growth and innovation. They are problem solvers, innovators and industry pioneers with a singular focus: to turn data into actionable insights and real business results. This exploration of Columbia’s big data industry will dive into the unique features and contributions of each company.

Without further ado, let’s explore the profiles of some of these companies, paving the way forward in the realm of Big Data in Columbia, Maryland.


Founded by Andy Monfried, Lotame is at the forefront of data enrichment solutions for global enterprises. Specializing in ad targeting, advertising, analytics, brand marketing, and digital marketing, among other disciplines, Lotame excels in building panoramic customer views and activating across various digital environments. Get to know Lotame better on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Freedom Consulting Group

Freedom Consulting Group, established by Dana Gift, Norman Walters, and Scott Beall, is an intelligence community-serving data analytics, and business intelligence solution provider. With a focus on analytics, big data and software, the group addresses our nation’s challenging national security issues. Dig into more about them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Phoenix TS

Co-founded by Ben Tchoubineh and Firoozeh Azarbaidjani-Do, Phoenix TS provides quality workforce training in cyber security, project management, cloud computing, data analysis and more to organizations worldwide. Find Phoenix TS on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Maryland Venture Fund

The Maryland Venture Fund is a $110M early-stage, evergreen venture capital fund committed to funding and growth of the next generation businesses in Maryland since 1994. Stay connected on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Fostering innovation, Agnik offers a distinct distributed analytics platform developed for connected vehicles and connected life applications. Get to know Agnik better on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


ClearAvenue, a Columbia-based Big Data company operating in the fields of information technology and software. Find out more about them through their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn profiles.


Focusing on cybersecurity and assisting its users with compliance and risk management, MyCYPR’s platform provides visibility with data specific to its users’ actual operations and enables management of a customized risk program.


InfraDMS is a Big Data company based in Columbia, Maryland that assists companies with IT Management and Cloud Data Services. Explore their social media presence on their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn profiles.

WebOS, Inc.

Unique in its purpose, WebOS, Inc. developed WebOS, a new software infrastructure for the Internet that binds disparate data, applications, and services. This has enabled a paradigm shift from the desktop to the Internet, unifying software applications and services in an ubiquitous environment.

Written by Data Magazine

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