Exploring Chicago’s Pioneering Role in the Big Data Industry

Diving deep into the ocean that is the Big Data industry, we showcase some of the finest companies poised at the helm. All birthed and nurtured from the vibrant metropolis of Chicago. From exabyte-scale data analytics to revolutionary healthcare solutions, these forerunners are changing the game in their respective realms, each narrating a distinct story of innovation, breakthrough, and triumph.


Founded by accomplished contributors including Chris Gladwin, George Kondiles, and Joe Jablonski, Ocient is a startup building a near-real-time database and data analytics platform for petabyte-to exabyte-scale data sets. The well-funded company harbors an impressive engineering team comprised of brilliant computer scientists derived from the world’s top universities and organizations.

Narrative Science

Narrative Science creates software that translates data into relatable stories to drive understanding and results. Founded by Kristian Hammond, Larry Birnbaum, Nick Beil, and Stuart Frankel, it leverages artificial intelligence to turn data into easy-to-understand reports, transforming numbers into knowledge.


PatientIQ offers an impressive Big Data platform for healthcare providers built by founders Jimmy Skuros and Matthew Gitelis. They provide an unparalleled patient engagement technology coupled with research-quality advanced analytics, offering a collaborative platform aiming to improve patient outcomes.

86 Repairs

86 Repairs is a unique startup that offers a subscription-service platform managing the repair process for restaurant groups. Founded by Daniel Estrada and Joe Gallagher, it provides 24/7 support, measurable insights for improving operations and complete management of the service process.

Civis Analytics

Established by Caroline Grey and Dan Wagner, Civis Analytics amalgamates data with cutting-edge software solutions to help organizations garner a competitive advantage by data-driven decision-making.

HAAS Alert

Powered by Cory Hohs, Jigar Patel, and Noah Levens, HAAS Alert envisages a connected, collision-free world where everyone gets home safely. It offers real-time digital alerts to drivers to aid them in making safer, smarter decisions.


Packback, an education-based platform built by Jessica Tenuta, Kasey Gandham, Mike Shannon, and Nick Currier, employ a proprietary A.I to drive personalized learning and improve critical thinking skills.

Blinkfire Analytics

Founded by Juan-Luis Hortelano and Steve Olechowski, Blinkfire Analytics offers a key technology for publishers and brands to analyze social media consumption and brand engagement through artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Label Insight

Label Insight, a venture of Anton Xavier, Dagan Xavier, Dheeraj Patri, and Ronak Sheth, compiles, aggregates, and analyzes CPG label data to provide comprehensive views of food labels for allergen, additives, ingredient and claims analysis.


Tillable, a brainchild of Corbett Kull, offers data transparency in the marketplace for parties from all ends. Their unique platform aids in information management, price discovery, and unprecedented land access.


Finally, we bring to you UncommonX, a cybersecurity firm that provides unmatched enterprise-class protection for mid-size organizations. Founded by Raymond Hicks, UncommonX combines their adaptive threat and intelligence software with industry experts for an efficient defense against digital security threats.

So there you have it, a glimpse into some of the forerunners of the Big Data industry thriving in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. These innovators are not just adapting to the rapid pace of technology but are ahead of the curve, crafting the future of Big Data.

Written by Data Magazine

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