Exploring Charlotte’s Pioneering Big Data Industry Companies

The Big Data industry is blossoming in the United States, more specifically in Charlotte, North Carolina. The city is becoming a hub for start-ups and established companies alike, utilizing big data to improve their processes or offer innovative new products. This article is part of a series that highlights companies, based in Charlotte, operating in the Big Data industry.

These companies are using data to transform industries and provide solutions for a wide range of issues. From improving health care to streamlining enterprise performances, these businesses are pushing the envelope and offering their unique perspectives to help others make sense of complex data sets.

In this piece, we are exploring companies using Big Data in a variety of ways. Each has a unique approach to the use of data, revealing just how versatile and necessary Big Data analysis is today.


Stratifyd, founded in 2015, is an AI-powered analytics platform that transforms both structured and unstructured human textual data into consumable and actionable insights for enterprise companies. The company has made significant strides in AI, machine learning, data visualization, and other key areas. The founders of the company are Derek Wang among others.

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Offering a valuable marketing platform, AddShoppers assists businesses to engage customers effectively. Founders include Jon West, with a strong focus on Big Data, E-Commerce, Marketing Automation, and more.

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Troy Medicare

Since its inception in 2019, Troy Medicare has made significant strides in the healthcare space. Led by Flaviu Simihaian and Josh Young, the firm leverages Big Data to sustainably improve health care delivery.

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Founded by Dan Smith, Julie Baker, Naras Eechambadi, and Robert Bales, Quaero optimizes customer data to boost outcomes. Their team supports clients across multiple industries, including retail, healthcare, and finance.

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John Dillard started ThreatSwitch, which is known for its advanced security solutions. Its Software as a Service (SaaS) solution addresses the needs of companies with strict security regulations.

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Fuzzy Logix

Founded by Partha Sen, Fuzzy Logix is versatile in its service provision, another player in the data analytics industry. Its unique approach to in-database analytics eliminates the need for redundant data storage, making the process more efficient.

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Amissa was founded by Colby Ford and Jon A. Corkey with a focus on using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to create critical solutions specifically for Alzheimer’s care.

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Founded by Dipesh Patel, Jayesh Mori, and Samir Motwani, Rapidops Inc. leverages Big Data to help clients design, engineer, and launch advanced digital products and platforms, transforming digital and data opportunities into profitable enterprises.

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Diyotta, founded by Ravindra Punuru, Sanjay Vyas, and Sripathi Tumati, enables enterprises to connect to all their data. It provides a powerful platform for efficient data integration.

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Syntelli Solutions

Founders Rishi Bhatnagar and Shikha Kashyap started Syntelli Solutions to focus on Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) & Business Intelligence (BI), improving business effectiveness and compliance profile in various industries.

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Founded by James Mclachlan, Matthew McFee and Michael Flaum, BriteVerify is leading the industry in email verification services. The company’s unique methods ensure that marketing campaigns reach valid email addresses, improving the ROI on email marketing efforts.

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Written by Data Magazine

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