Exploring Big Data Powerhouses with Headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware

Big Data is a term that has been around for over a decade, and its influence can be seen in every industry, from healthcare to entertainment. As more organizations realize the potential of harnessing the vast amount of data that is generated daily, the demand for big data analytics companies continues to rise, especially for those whose headquarters are located in Wilmington, Delaware. In this series of articles, we spotlight some of these companies, providing insights into their unique offerings and the impact they are making in the Big Data industry.

These tech businesses address a broad spectrum of needs encompassing the big data ecosystem – from analytics and machine learning to cloud data services. Regardless of their specific niche, they all contribute to the overall technological landscape, pushing forward the possibilities of big data and offering solutions to complex business, economic, and even societal challenges. Listed below are some of these trailblazing companies headquartered in Wilmington, DE.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking potential partnerships, a prospective job seeker, or simply someone following the tech scene, these profiles should offer a glimpse into the significant strides being made in the big data field in this part of the US. Learn more about each organization by visiting their websites, reading their descriptions and touching base through their LinkedIn accounts.

Castled Data

Specializing in big data, data integration, information technology, and software, Castled Data delivers a customer engagement platform that gives marketers access to the power of data in the warehouse. The platform’s unique warehouse-native approach allows it to overcome the shortcomings of traditional marketing tools. Keep up with their updates on Twitter @CastledHQ.

Opus Talent Analytics

With a clear vision of bringing objectivity to talent related areas using skills as the anchor, Opus Talent Analytics has developed a robust data analytics software. Their software aids businesses in effective planning and performance evaluation, while enabling job creation for governments. You can follow their progress on Twitter @opus_analytics?s=11&t=lac2SrHszHxCzZK_FMOXZA.


Another big data company making significant headway in Wilmington, Techpace also dabbles into the fields of embedded systems, gaming, and information technology. Unfortunately, they currently do not have a website or social media accounts available to provide further information.

Clupp (YC W22)

A full-stack insurer with smartphone-based telematics, Clupp provides affordable insurance to LatAm’s low-risk drivers. By focusing on those with low mileage and good driving habits, they target a $7B market. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook, or find latest tweets @cluppseguro/.


AiLert has created SAMSON – an AI that detects weapons in real-time to accelerate response times and provide near real-time situation awareness to first responders. Their work mostly goes into Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Security. Follow them @ailertai on Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn.


Trakbar serves hospitality SMEs with smart business intelligence solutions. Through big data insights, analytics, and predictions, Trakbar empowers these businesses to optimize their operations and make more informed decisions. See their latest updates on LinkedIn, Twitter @trakbar_inc, or Facebook.

BethClip, Inc.

From cloud clipboard to data sync service between multiple devices on different platforms, BethClip plays in the arenas of Android, Big Data, and Cloud Computing. Follow them @BethClip on Twitter, or connect via their Facebook page.

Bizmo Cubes

Bizmo Cubes helps companies reduce procurement spend with market-informed purchasing solutions and quick access to relevant suppliers. To get updates, follow them @getbizmo on Twitter, connect on Facebook and visit their LinkedIn page.

Riwe Technologies

With an aim to combat food fraud, Riwe Technologies leverages tracking tools and blockchain to ensure 45% visibility and traceability across a network of farmers and supply chain actors in Nigeria and Ghana. They are targeting a 2.6 billion market share. Follow them @riwetech on Twitter.

Big Data Ventures

With a focus on analytics, Big Data Ventures promises to be a significant player in the Big Data industry. However, their website does not provide more information to explore.


Providing services in the realm of analytics, Big Data, Information Technology, and Software, Quantale is yet another tech player based in Wilmington. Connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them @quantale_io on Twitter, or find them on Facebook.

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