Exploring Big Data Pioneers Headquartered in McLean, Virginia

Big Data is transforming numerous industries as companies worldwide leverage this powerful technology to harness vast amounts of information. The industry has witnessed the rise of diverse Big Data companies that continue to revolutionize businesses and operations. One particular location, Mclean, Virginia, has emerged as a hub for pioneering Big Data companies. This article shines a light on a selection of these companies, offering an overview of their operations and contributions to the Big Data industry.

Located right on the fringe of America’s capital, Mclean, Virginia, is home to a plethora of innovative companies specializing in diverse industries such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, and more. Their collective contribution to the Big Data landscape is significant and continues to push technological envelopes. This article offers an incisive look at each of these companies, providing readers with comprehensive information about who they are and the solutions they offer.

The companies explored here range from those that specialize in patient matching technology to ones that drive next-generation hotel personalization through technology. Furthermore, these companies not only cater to the private sector but also offer valuable services to various governmental entities, contributing significantly to defense, law enforcement, and intelligence analysis. Each company’s unique focus and application of Big Data underline the vast potential of this technology.


Founded by J. Brent Williams, Verato stands at the intersection of Big Data, Cloud Data Services, Data Integration, Health Care, Information Technology, SaaS, and Software. Verato uses cloud-based patient matching technology to create an “answer key” for identity data across the U.S adult population. Their referential matching approach allows them to deliver sub-second performance and handle hundreds of millions of transactions, providing superior match rates. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Concilio Labs

Started by Dustin Keefer and Terri Miller, Concilio Labs merges the powers of Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Hospitality, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics, and Software. With their product, Concilio Insights, the company leverages big data to create personalized interactions between hotels and their guests. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Established by Rohit Bhayana and Shashank Garg, InfoCepts is a global leader in delivering end-to-end data and analytics solutions. They specialize in modernizing data platforms, advancing data-driven capabilities, and building augmented business applications. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


IntelliBridge operates in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Visualization, Government, Information Technology, Law Enforcement, and Management Consulting. They offer IT strategy, cloud, cybersecurity, application, data and analytics, and mission operation support services to various clientele. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Founded by Rick Gordon, MACH37 is an accelerator for startups in the cybersecurity field and related areas. They provide an intensive 3-month program designed to prepare startup companies for market entry. Twitter | LinkedIn


Sharad Dayma initiated SynapOne, specializing in Analytics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Software, and Text Analytics. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Invertix Corp

Invertix Corp operates in the Big Data, Innovation Management, and Mobile sectors. Twitter | Facebook


JDSAT works in the domains of Analytics, Big Data, Data Visualization, Information Technology, Small and Medium Businesses, and Software. Facebook | LinkedIn

Centrifuge Systems

The brainchild of Casey Henderson, Centrifuge Systems offers Interactive Analytics technology that enables valuable insights hidden within the data. Twitter


Farlinium is a technology-based company providing software solutions, managed services, and consulting in analytics and Big Data. Twitter | LinkedIn


TMCI operates in the Big Data, Information Technology, and Professional Services sectors. Facebook | LinkedIn

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