Exploring Big Data Innovations from Kowloon City Industry Titans


Today we place the spotlight on some of the remarkable companies operating in the Big Data industry whose headquarters are located in Kowloon City, Kowloon, Hong Kong. These companies, by employing cutting-edge technologies and progressive business models, are redefining the industry’s landscape. As diverse as they are innovative, these companies signify the rapid evolution of Big Data and why it remains a key battleground in the tech industry.

Each company discussed here holds its unique spot in this dynamic field, ranging from education technology to event management, indoor mapping to weather-based software solutions for unmanned aerial vehicle operators. Despite operating within different sectors, what ties these companies is their innovative use of Big Data to deliver top-of-the-line products and services.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the specifics of each company, exploring their foundational story, areas of expertise, and noteworthy accomplishments.


Snapask, founded by Timothy Yu in 2015, leverages machine learning and mobile cloud services to revolutionize the realm of education. With its flagship mobile application, Snapask connects students with qualified tutors and provides personalized learning support. This stellar education technology company is currently supporting over 2.5 million students across 10 regions in APAC.
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EventX, co-founded by Angus Luk and Sum Wong, is a virtual event platform delivering vibrant experiences and facilitating knowledge exchange. The company offers an integrated platform that includes virtual event experiences, registration forms, email/SMS, check-in app, CRM, and lead retrieval and counts big names like Apple and Yahoo among their clients.
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Co-founded by Isaac Zhang, John Chan, and Ocean Ng, Mapxus is a top-notch indoor mapping technology platform established in 2018. By amalgamating universal multi-sensing, positioning and AI technology, Mapxus is nurturing a smart city experience for businesses and individuals.
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Founded by Michele Travierso, Atmosoar provides weather-based software solutions for unmanned aerial vehicle operators. This software offers an innovative mapping and routing platform that promotes efficiency and safety in drone operations.
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Vfluencer, founded by Raymond Lee and Sam Ng, is a marketing technology company that offers a competitive intelligence platform aiding brands track and analyse social media activities in China.
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Co-founded by Brian Lin and Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng, uHoo enhances health and sustainability by monitoring and managing indoor environments.
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Founded by Jinseong Kim, Membersheep is a B2B trade agency that excels in sourcing globally renowned branded products. The company provides diverse product lines to various market outlets both online and offline, in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong.
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Reclick Inc

Founded by Julian Smith and Kyle Matheson, Reclick™ is a game-changing behavioral re-targeting and analytics platform for email marketing.
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TecPal is a fervent advocate of a connected smart lifestyle. This company is a collective of product designers, engineers and software specialists providing a range of smart appliances and software solutions.


Co-founded by Frederick Leung Kwok Yin, Marcin Dudar, Peter Chan On Bon, and Tony Chan, IOTW is a Big Data unifying system employing native blockchain using Proof of Assignment (PoA) protocol for easy and efficient data extraction across IoT devices and applications.
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b2lunch, co-founded by Adrien de Courval and Marissa Ng, is an innovative platform promoting knowledge sharing and relationship building among professionals. The company believes in the deep connection between personal growth, and happiness and productivity in professional life.
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