Exploring Big Data Industry Titans Headquartered in Plano, Texas

The Lone Star State has a lot on offer, especially when it comes to businesses operating in the big data industry. This piece sheds light on several such organizations that call Plano, Texas home. Plano, a vibrant city characterised by innovation and technological advancement, is attracting a wave of companies specialising in data analysis, informatics, machine learning, AI, and other leading-edge specialities linked to the big data ecosystem. These companies are not only impacting the local economy but the global market as well. So, let’s dive in and explore these dynamic entities in the heart of Texas.

edgetensor technologies

Founded by Rajesh Narasimha and Soumitry Ray, edgetensor technologies is a frontrunner in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Information Technology. Positioned at the cutting edge of machine learning and software development, their bespoke offering is a robust, accurate and efficient AI SDK that enables edge-based computing in real-time. This translates into superior speed, latency, privacy, reliability and safety for a myriad of applications. They share further insights on their LinkedIn page.


3Victors, started by Richard Seaney, is a travel data business offering unique, actionable insights on consumer demand and fare pricing. Through their proprietary platform, they ingest over 200 million user-generated flight requests per day, transforming the data to inform competitive and market assessments. Everything from airline revenue management to travel marketing benefit from this data-centric approach. Discover more about 3Victors on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Harpreet Singh and Shilpi Sharma, Kvantum operates at the intersection of machine learning, analytics, and marketing. Their platform measures the impact of marketing on sales using a unique combination of machine learning and econometric modeling. Over the years, they’ve helped their clients increase digital ROI by 30% to 60%. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

SPAR Information Systems LLC

Founded by Pankaj Midha, SPAR Information Systems LLC offers comprehensive big data, data warehouse and BI solutions intended to bolster your data-driven decision-making abilities. With a global presence that includes development centers in India, they help businesses ensure the smooth and effective functioning of their processes and projects. Learn more about SPAR on their LinkedIn page.

Edge Communications

Edge Communications stands out in the domains of big data, CRM, and IT, offering distinctive solutions that marry these fields. They are also engaged in developments in the telecommunications and virtual reality (VR) sectors.

Founded by Rom Krupp, provides an alternative to complex business intelligence software, serving a broad range of organizations from large restaurant brands to small and medium-sized businesses. They offer critical data insights via a user-friendly and cost-effective enterprise dashboard software that helps drive business growth. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter


Founded by Jessey Lee, Bresatech is a company specializing in digital transformation and intelligent automation solutions. They are a community of engineers and technology leaders who innovate and implement solutions to better serve their customers. Connect with Bresatech on their LinkedIn page, Twitter or Facebook.

Canny Technology Solutions

Canny Technology Solutions specializes in analytics, apps, big data, cloud computing, data integration, mobile apps, and software development. They are known for their precision and creativity in crafting efficient technological strategies and solutions. Follow their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Alagar leads in the domain of analytics, big data, information technology, machine learning, software development. Catch them on their LinkedIn page.


IT OPENDOORS, another prominent company from Plano delivers cutting-edge solutions in big data, cloud computing, information technology, and software development. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

KHP Solutions

KHP Solutions specializes in big data, mobile apps, quality assurance, and software design, helping organizations realize their tech-driven goals. Follow their progress on Facebook.

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