Exploring Beijing’s Pioneering Enterprises in Big Data Industry


Beijing, the capital city of China, is a thriving hub for startups in the Big Data industry. These companies are not only making significant contributions to the expanding tech industry but are also revolutionizing the way businesses utilize data. Here are some of the top companies in the Big Data industry that have their headquarters in Beijing.


Founded in 2013 by George Zhengchun Zhi and Mechbill Li, Wecash is a fintech company that offers innovative financial services to customers around the world. Leveraging big data technologies, the company has already served over 160 million users globally. Learn more about Wecash here.


Established by Dr. Yuanqing Lin, Aibee is a leading AI startup that develops speech recognition, big data analysis, and natural language processing technologies. Aibee strives to transform efficiency and productivity in various industries using its innovative AI technologies. Check out Aibee’s LinkedIn for more details.


Created by Jie Li, DataMesh is at the forefront of the Augmented Reality, Big Data, SaaS, and Software industry. It provides enterprises with smart design solutions, aiming to streamline their service deployment and planning processes. Get more details about DataMesh on their LinkedIn.

LinkDoc Technology

LinkDoc Technology was founded by Ligang Luo, Liping Li, Shan He, and Tony Zhang. It offers secure data solutions that adhere to the stringent US HIPAA Act standards, ensuring the protection of patient privacy and data.


Co-founded by Minghui Wu and Yan Zhao, MiningLamp works towards providing enterprises with big data solutions. The company focuses on exploring the next generation of artificial intelligence technology for industries with high knowledge and management complexity. Feel free to visit their LinkedIn for further information.


Established by Leo Cui, TalkingData offers a range of Big Data products for mobile device analytics. It has reached nearly 1.5 billion mobile devices in China, providing comprehensive market reports and insights. Learn more about TalkingData on their LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Derek Weng, Edmond Meng, and Hang Xu, LemonBox combines big data and dietitian expertise to offer personal nutritional advice to Chinese customers. Find more about LemonBox on their LinkedIn.


Founded by Alex Deng and Allan Shi, IngageApp leverages big data technologies to provide a next-generation CRM solution. The software assists users in engaging, selling and providing services to their customers. More about IngageApp on their LinkedIn.


Co-founded by KK Ng and Lei Peng, Keruyun is a leading cloud-based SaaS company that provides intelligent management systems to cater to various industry needs. More about Keruyun on LinkedIn.

New Horizon Health

New Horizon Health, co-founded by Ning Lu, Yeqing Zhu, and Yiyou Chen, is a bio-tech company that focuses on early screening and genetic testing services for high-incidence cancer types.

Cardinal Operations

Cardinal Operations, founded by Xiaoqu Luo, uses big data to provide solutions for complex decision-making scenarios for enterprises. The company works towards making the most of the data to create value for companies.

All these companies show the power of Big Data and its significant effect on various industries. It will be interesting to observe how these Beijing-based firms contribute to the expanding tech industry and the future of data utilization.


Written by Data Magazine

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