Big Data Innovations: Spotlight on Minneapolis-Based Industry Leaders

As part of our extended series on companies operating in the Big Data industry, we’re turning the spotlight on those headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The North Star State has long been a hub for innovation and technology, and this holds particularly true for those working in the realm of big data – a field that straddles multiple sectors, from cyber security to clinical trials, and real estate to robotics. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of each of these companies, including their industry focus, founders, key offerings, and contact details.

With over five decades of innovation and development, big data has become an integral part of our society, improving decision-making in businesses, government, science, and society as a whole. Companies in Minneapolis are making substantial contributions to this rapidly evolving field by building technology platforms, creating innovative solutions, and providing expert consulting services that leverage the power of big data. Here, we’ll explore these companies in greater detail, shedding light on their influential work within the industry.

From asset management to IoT data analytics, our chosen companies are entities of dynamic innovation, pushing the borders of traditional industries and piercing the veil of the future. So without further ado, let’s dive into this treasure trove of Minneapolis-based big data businesses, and see what each one brings to the world of data-driven decision making.


Founded by Brian Bispala, Matthew Dornquast, and Mitch Coopet, Code42 operates at the intersection of big data, cybersecurity, enterprise, SaaS, security, and software. Their innovative solutions for data loss protection, visibility, and recovery help organizations worldwide safeguard their valuable data without compromising on user collaboration freedom. Follow Code42 on Facebook and Twitter, or explore their LinkedIn profile here.

Delve Health

In the realm of big data and healthcare, Delve Health is a pioneering company. Founded by Wessam Sonbol, Delve Health leverages digital technology to enhance the efficacy of clinical trials, ensuring that medical research is as inclusive and comprehensive as possible. Find Delve Health on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


At LinkUp, co-founder Toby Dayton and his team are redefining the job search landscape through their unique data-driven approach. By indexing millions of job listings directly from employers’ websites, LinkUp provides vital insights into the job market. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

North Labs

North Labs, founded by Collin Graves, operates at the cutting-edge of big data, cloud computing, and information technology. You can find more about North Labs on their LinkedIn profile.

Elicit, LLC

Elicit LLC is a company using big data to drive improvements in advertising and analytics. Check out their LinkedIn for more information.

Asset Record Company

Co-founded by Josh Schwingler and Sam Rosen, Asset Record Company uses big data to streamline real estate transactions and document management. You can follow Asset Record on Facebook, Twitter, and view their LinkedIn profile.

Enable Data

A company at the forefront of analytics, big data, consulting, and software, Enable Data aims to help its customers adopt modern data-driven solutions. Discover more about Enable Data on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Grove Streams

Founded by Mike Mills, Grove Streams offers a cloud-based analytics platform for Internet of Things data, delivering real-time decision-making capabilities to users and devices. Follow Grove Streams on Facebook, Twitter, and check out their LinkedIn profile.


Co-founded by Dan Smith and Jeremy Iverson, Colectica is a suite of programs leveraging open-standards to manage statistical surveys, aiding researchers, archivists, and programmers in a variety of tasks. Follow Colectica on Facebook, Twitter, and view their LinkedIn profile. is a sophisticated real-time technology that matches people’s skills with job requirements. This technology is paving the way for enhanced efficiency and accuracy in human resources and recruitment processes.


Accredent is a leading company in the fields of analytics, big data, and information technology with a focus on delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions to their clients. Find more information about the company on their official site.

With a variety of specializations and a spirit of innovation, the Minneapolis big data scene is an impressive testament to the versatility and applicability of this transformative technology. Stay tuned for more features on the movers and shakers in the big data industry.

Written by Data Magazine

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